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Busy airports combined with lengthy queueing, security checks and potentially delayed flights, all whilst keeping your baby happy can get quite stressful. Take a deep breath — we are here to help you travel with your baby. We are parents, like you, who have done it! Spend some time with us and you’ll have the support system you need to show your kids the world! Bon Voyage!

We Are A Global Community of Parents Helping You Travel With Your Baby


There are so many unique situations you can find yourself in while traveling with a toddler. We are a community of parents who have done it and who want to help a fellow traveling parent.


Search for a destination and find all the advice shared by parents from our worldwide community. Get plenty of insider tips on how to get around and plan your days with your baby wherever you travel.


One of the most intimidating aspects of family travel is all the stuff you need to lug around with you. Find out from expert parents how we pack for the family and our gear recommendations!


Geo-tagged, image-rich trails in cities around the world that you can realistically do with your family in a day, created by a parent like you!


Our worldwide community of parents has been a support system for traveling parents since 2015. Find out how you can get involved!

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Bébé Voyage is a global community of parents providing local knowledge and practical advice on how to travel with small children.

A Community That Has Your Back!

Club Bébé Voyage Baby on His First Voyage in SwitzerlandRachel Stein Lewis from San Francisco shared this photo of their first trip with baby

Real Parents With Real Experience

Club Bébé Voyage, a private community forum, was started in the summer of 2015 by two moms who were looking to connect with other parents around the world sharing their passion for exploring the world with their children. Throughout the years, Club Bébé Voyage has been a source of support, wisdom, and even new friendships for parents around the world. Despite hailing from countries around the world and coming from different backgrounds, there is one thing every parent in this community has in common: we all love our children and the world.

baby in brussels

What Traveling Parents Are Saying About Us!

  • This group has been so great! I've learned a ton, even when it comes to our current home, Paris! I love the support from other families when I have a travel question and seeing all the neat tricks, tips, and travel gear that is used by others. It's such a wonderful community where we can all help each other as we plan our next adventures.

    Ashley D. Ambassador
  • Club Bébé Voyage is the best place to get information with regards to traveling with babies. Members in the group are especially helpful with sharing information and tips on child friendly places to go, how to prepare for trips with infants and young children.

    Natascha C. Ambassador
  • This group has helped me a great deal, not only providing tips and recomendations on the destinations and interesting things to do with our baby girl, but also proving again and again that it is not only posible but really fun to travel with your little ones in tow. This close-knit community supports traveling parents with great advice, not only in getting to your destination, but also how to really enjoy the whole trip. Personally the group has helped me a lot on how to keep my baby occupied on the flight and has given me great advice on baby travel gear. When we are visiting a place for the first time, it's great to have other parents' experiences handy so we know the best way to really take advantage of our trip.

    Nashtenka C. Ambassador
  • Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this incredible community. We are expats and travel at least once a month and there is no way I could survive without the support of this community. Everyone always asks me how I do it. How is our baby girl so well behaved and entertained on planes and my response every time is Club Bébé Voyage. I read it religiously, I ask questions, I search pages before every trip and through everyone's collective knowledge, my family has had one of the best expat experiences ever! I am eternally grateful!

    Natalie H. Ambassador

Travel Doesn’t Have to Involve Getting on a Plane!

New Interactive Tours and Trails For Your Destination

travel with baby to new york city
Kristy Caruso from NYC explores her city with her toddlers!

We are so excited to announce that we joining forces with Crumbdrop, an exciting tech platform allowing them to co-create geo-tagged, image-rich family-friendly trails in cities around the world.

Perhaps the coolest part about this new feature is that it really is for any parent who loves to explore. Travel doesn’t have to involve going across the globe, you can travel in your own backyard!

Follow in a fellow parent’s footsteps as she takes you around to her favorite family-friendly spots! Perfect for traveling families looking for an insider’s perspective on a city or for families looking for a family day out on a weekend.

Moms on a Mission and We’re Here to Help You

Kathy Guyette Hartman takes her kids to Glacier National Park

Back in 2015 two moms connected over the ups and downs of traveling with their first born babies. They felt there wasn’t enough support for traveling parents, so they started a community called Club Bébé Voyage that now has over 10,000 members around the world. In it, you’ll get tons of relevant and useful information related to travel products, parenting, and tips from other parents.

But beyond the practical wisdom of the community, we are also all joined by our shared mission to raise our children to be curious world travelers. We believe that by empowering our children to be global citizens by exposing them to new cultures and experiences around the world and in their own back yard, we will build a better, more peaceful world for all.

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Bébé Voyage is a global community of parents providing local knowledge and practical advice on how to travel with small children. Please join our growing community of globetrotting parents. We are excited to be a part of your next traveling adventure!

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