A Day in the Life of a Mom in Astana, Kazakhstan

A wintery Saturday with the family in the second coldest capital in the world: Astana, Kazakhstan Hello All, I’m Anna, a motherscholar living and working in Astana, Kazakhstan. I’m an Assistant [...]


Club Bébé Voyage Member Map

The Bébé Voyage community continues to grow. We want to know where you’re from! We know that can be a complicated question so feel free to drop two pins if your geographically split [...]


12 Kid-Friendly Historical Sites in Europe: Tips and Tricks

Do kid-friendly historical sites even exist? Yes they do! Having children does not mean you are doomed to a life of no travel, or boring package holidays (although all inclusive meals and kids [...]


A Day in the Life of a Mom in Delft, Netherlands

Hello! I’m Elizabeth and I’m an American expat living in the Netherlands. My husband works at T.U. Delft in Aerospace Engineering. I worked as an attorney in the States until I decided to stay [...]


How to Find a Good, Family-Friendly Accommodation

Finding a good place to stay during a family vacation can be tough. There are so many options and it can be overwhelming trying to decide what is a good fit for your family. Best Websites to Find [...]


A Day in the Life of a Mom in Los Angeles

Hello! My name is Sarah Penna and I live in the beautiful city of Los Angeles with my husband (Joe), our 2.5 year old son (Jonah) and our 7 year old mini-dachshund (Eddie). I’ve lived in LA since [...]


Travel Tips: What To Do When You or Your Baby Gets Sick Abroad

“Adventure, yeah. I guess that’s what you call it when you come back alive.” -Mercedes Lackey I got bit by the travel bug when I was a twenty year old interning in Hawaii. I know, it’s shocking [...]


Road Tripping in California With a Baby

My husband, myself and our friends visiting from London decided to pile into the car and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH aka Highway 1) from LA to San Francisco this summer with two [...]


A Day in the Life of a Mom in Washington DC

Hello! My name is Stacy and I’m happy to share a bit about myself and give a glimpse into a “typical” Saturday out and about!   My husband and I live in Arlington, VA, which is just outside [...]


Best Stroller For Air Travel

What makes the perfect travel stroller? The discussion over the perfect travel stroller is perhaps the most common discussion amongst the members of the Bebe Voyage Facebook group. (To all my [...]


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