A Day in the Life of a Mom in Shanghai, China

We are a small family of three and this is our second year living in Shanghai, China. We moved here because of my husband’s job, when our son was three months old. He is currently 2 years old. [...]


Three Unmissable Destinations in Southeast Asia (with a baby in tow)

Most people would say Southeast Asia is too complicated to visit with a baby. Perhaps people feel it’s too far away and not worth it, too risky because of health issues, or too complicated due to [...]


The Five Most Random Diaper Changing Situations I’ve Been In

A wet or soiled diaper, according to Dr. Sears (my all time favorite online resource when it comes to pediatric questions or general parenting questions), is one of the main causes of discomfort [...]


Five Things That Can Go Wrong While Traveling with a Baby

…And What to Do About Them… We sometimes panic about the smallest details when traveling with young children, and we try so very hard to plan to prepare for anything that may go [...]


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