Baby Jet Lag: Learn How to Manage Jet Lag in Your Toddler

There is always lots of discussion on jet lag in Club Bébé Voyage! There is nothing worse then a long travel day only to arrive at your hotel exhausted and and your little one is wide awake. This single idea keeps many families from attempting time-zone hopping trips.

Luckily you found Bébé Voyage. We’ve collected expert and community-sourced advice all in one place to keep you (and your kids) happy and well rested while traveling.

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Your Three Day Guide to Surviving Baby Jet Lag

Sigh, surviving baby jet lag. Before you had children, jet lag meant grogginess, a sleepless night or two and extra coffee. Jet lag after kids….can be downright torture. There’s nothing worse [...]


An Expert’s Guide On How To Handle Baby Jet Lag

Written by bébé voyage resident sleep expert, Aimi Palmer   We all know the word, we all relate it to sleep, but what really is jet lag and how can we reduce the symptoms affecting our [...]

Advice from Club Bébé Voyage

Lots of sunshine and patience!


Do not stress too much about that, every child is different and every trip is different too. You cannot predict what is going to happen. Keep in mind that you are the mother and you are the best person to understand your child’s needs. They will show you what they need and you will adjust accordingly

– Elodie

We usually allow one day per hour adjustment before everyone is on the time zone. Don’t feel bad about letting them sleep on the plane that’s called survival!

– Lisa

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Use Jet Lag Rooster to shift your bodies internal clock before your trip. Simply tell Jet Lag Rooster about your trip and normal sleep schedule and it suggests a schedule to help reduce jet lag. You can use Jet Lag Rooster online or download the app.


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