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One of the most challenging aspects of traveling with toddlers is the sheer amount of travel gear we lug around for our children. Let us help you sift through what works and what doesn’t with reviews, gear recommendations, and where to get the gear that you need.

Flying with a baby doesn’t have to be stressful. Learn from the experts.

One of the great things about Club Bébé Voyage, our community of globetrotting parents, is that members are always on the lookout for the best baby gear for travel. There are two common scenarios. One is that someone is looking for recommendations on a specific piece of travel gear and the community will weigh in with the pros and cons of various brands that they have tried. The other is that a member will post about a great new piece of gear that they have found and that they think other community members may find useful.
What we’ve learned is that different families have different needs. So while one travel stroller may be ideal for one family another may prefer a different one. That’s why we aim to provide gear round-ups where we compare and contrast various products as well as detailed reviews of particular products. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right baby travel gear that meets your needs.

Judy Wang travels to visit family in China with her husband and baby.Look at all that handy gear!

All our recommendations are made by traveling families for traveling families.

Bébé Voyage Branded Gear

Love the Bébé Voyage logo and illustrations? So do we! That’s why we put them on onesies, t-shirts, tote bags, luggage tags and more! Choose from a range of styles and colors for bébé and parents!

Best Travel Strollers

What you consider to be the best travel stroller is a highly personal matter. Whether you’re looking for something compact enough to fit in an overhead bin or need a sturdy double stroller, we’ve got you covered.

Fly Beds

There is a whole cottage industry of specialized gear to help your infant, toddler, or pre-schooler be more comfortable and hopefully sleep on a plane, bus or train. Check out all the fly beds we’ve found.

Travel Toys & Entertainment

Part of the dread of traveling is keeping your child entertained while in transit. Here are the best travel toys and entertainment for your baby or toddler, with screens and screen free, no matter how long your trip!

Best Toddler Car Seats

From infant bucket seats, toddler car seats, to the top booster seats we’ve reviewed, all the best car seats that will keep your child safe and comfortable.  We’ve also figured out what accessories you need to move them from point A to point B.

Best Baby Carriers

Sometimes it’s just easier to carry your baby. We’ve found the best baby carriers whether it’s for getting through the airport and will easily fit into your hand luggage or carrying a pre-schooler on a mountain hike.

Best Travel Cribs and Toddler Beds

If you’re staying at some friends’ or at a hotel that doesn’t have an appropriate bed for your little one, you may have to bring your own travel cot/ pack’n’play/ travel crib/ camp cot. Here are the best.

Top Travel Luggage

Good luggage can make all the difference. We’ve found the best ride-on suitcases for your tots, done suitcase reviews and checked out everything from toddler backpacks to expandable duffle bags.

Travel Gifts for Families

Check out our 2018 gift guide for traveling families. Adorable kids headphones, backpacks and fly beds top Bébé Voyage’s 2018 list for smart travelers with young children.

Rent Baby Gear Wherever You Go. With

Family travel has never been easier or more convenient. One stop shopping allows you to arrange to rent baby gear in any location. GoBaby does away with the guess work. City breaks, multi-stop itineraries and large families can all be accommodated.

Find the Best Baby Gear with Bébé Voyage

Bébé Voyage prides itself on the high quality we demand of ourselves. That’s why we’re always looking for the best travel gear to hopefully make our travels a little bit smoother.

Thankfully, Team Bébé Voyage doesn’t have to do it all on our own and we have our amazing community dispersed throughout the world constantly on the lookout for the latest products and innovations in the family and baby travel industry as well as novel uses for existing products. The ability of Club Bébé Voyage members to unearth great baby gear and their willingness to share it with the community continuously astounds us. Furthermore, because we have community members in literally every corner of the planet, we get to find out about new products which might launch in a local market, before being available globally. If you ever find out a great new baby product which you think would be useful to traveling families, please let us know! You can either email us directly or post in Club Bébé Voyage.

hiking with a baby in canada
Christina Casini's husband and baby hiking in Banff, Canada

Our aim is to bring you useful baby product reviews which will help you identify the products that work best for you and your family. To that end, all the products we mention have been tried and tested by either a Team Bébé Voyage member and/or multiple Ambassadors and/or multiple community members. 

We will NEVER post a review of a product that hasn’t actually been used by a traveling family.

traveling with twins

That being said, we do sometimes get some gear sent to us for free so that we can take it through the ringer and test out during a real trip with real kids. But that is common practice for review sites. And we don’t let the fact that we received the gear for free influence our opinion of the product. If we particularly like a product and the company has an affiliate program, we may sign up for it. That means that if you click through to a partner’s website from Bébé Voyage, they track where you came from and if you buy a product from them, we get a small commission. It’s basically a way for them to pay us for the free advertising we’ve done for them. And it doesn’t cost you anything extra. When possible we also try to get discounts or special promotions for the Bébé Voyage community so that we can share the love. All reviews that contain an affiliate program or a special promotion are clearly marked.

If you are a company with a great product, we’d also love to hear from you! Please email us and let us know about your piece of travel gear and how we can get one for review. Just so you know, Bébé Voyage’s core values are curiosity, authenticity, peace, fun and community. So we are particularly keen to work with companies that reflect those values as well.

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  • Hotel Reviews

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