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Traveling with a baby or toddler is already a stressful experience without having to worry about what to pack. Packing the right gear can make the difference between a wonderful family vacation or a hectic and stress-filled one. Let us help you pick the right gear from the flight to the hotel!

Baby Travel Hacks and Packing Tips

The first step of any trip is of course booking it! After the destination has been chosen the next step is to figure out what on earth you will be packing. Packing for yourself is one thing and as adults we know how to get by if we forget something. Packing for your children or baby however adds a whole new level of anxiety. The biggest stress for most parents is forgetting something essential and not being able to find it where you are going. From car seats, to baby carriers, to strollers, to luggage, let us help you ease that anxiety and get everything essential packed for your trip!

Let the Experts help you with Baby Travel and Packing Hacks

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All New Handy Baby Travel Checklists

Planning your next family vacation is now easier than ever with a Bébé Voyage complete travel checklist.

Even More About Baby Travel and Packing Hacks

Packing can be an extremely stressful experience when you aren’t sure what you will need or what will come in handy. A packing list can be essential to ensure you have every item you will need and to make sure you don’t bring anything extra that you won’t use or will just take up room. (We know how crucial every last bit of space is!) We have made handy packing lists for you that can help guide you and hopefully take a little bit of the burden off!

mommy and toddler at the airport reading magazines
Mommy and toddler waiting for their flight at the airportFrom our friends at Formative Adventures

Have you decided if you will bring a stroller, a baby carrier or maybe both? There are some pretty incredible strollers out there these days that make traveling with baby a breeze. Between the ones that can fold up into the overhead bin, the ones that double as both a carseat and stroller, and the ones with off-roading maneuverability, the options on which one to take are endless!

Baby carrying is a very popular option as well as usually carriers are pretty easy to fold up into luggage and keep your hands free for lots of different activities while traveling.

Traveling with a carseat? We have some great information for you regarding safety and rules for airline use. A carry-on is also just as crucial as the main luggage, so make sure to make that just as big of a priority!

When flying you won’t have the opportunity to pull off at the next exit and grab whatever you need, so be sure to bring extra diapers, change of clothes (for both baby/kid and you!) and extra formula if needed.

Not sure how much extra to bring? Check out our article on packing a carry-on and be comfortable knowing you are ready for anything! Entertaining the little ones is also important so we have some great options for you all depending on your child’s age and interests so be sure to browse through that as well!

Is there something that you think you will need only occasionally or for only certain parts of the trip? Baby Gear rental is a very popular new trend with the traveling family and can also help to ease some of the stress knowing you don’t need to pack everything. We partnered with goBaby and you can check to see if their rentals are in a city you will be traveling to!

The most important packing and travel hack we can give you however is to relax (we know, easier said than done). We promise you though that if you are relaxed and confident your child will be as well and that will make for an amazing family vacation with memories that last a lifetime! Bon Voyage!

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