Bébé Voyage Is Building An App
And We Need Your Help!

You – our community of 13,000 Bébé Voyage members – are constantly posting, commenting, sharing itineraries, tips, and ideas based on your experiences. But the information gets lost in the social media fray.

So we thought:

How can we make sharing, learning and connecting easier and more enjoyable? 

The number one question Bebe Voyage users ask each other is – what can I do with my little one when I get to my destination? What gets us excited is to see the number of replies, 50, 100, sometimes more. Our community is extremely active, with 10,000 of the 13,000 Bébé Voyage users in the Club posting or commenting often, sharing itineraries, tips and ideas based on their respective experiences. But this information gets lost in the social media fray. So we thought – how can we best capture this valuable information – and the huge amount of it – in a way that is useful to our users? How can we best organize what is already being shared in a way that is searchable for our users? And can we, in the end, build a platform where like-minded parents can connect with each other in a more meaningful way?

Our vision for the Bébé Voyage Trails App:

A New Tool For Parents

Provide a new tool for Bébé Voyageurs to easily capture their global adventures in a format they can save and share with others.

Create Connections

Enable Bébé Voyageurs to search for like-minded parents and follow in their footsteps in their hometown and/or throughout their travels.

Better Search

Help members easily find all the great content on Bébé Voyage by location, interest, member, child’s age, activity, and more.

This will be an extremely powerful platform that will change the way parents explore the world with their children. And we need you to make it happen!

Our Goal Is To Raise $100,000

Funds Raised 13%
Fundraising Goal 100%

Our goal is to raise $100,000 by mid-April in order to build and market this app. If we can get the money in the door by then, we will be able to launch the app in 2019, working in collaboration with Crumbdrop and their developers.

Our vision is to create an inclusive, dynamic community that everyone can benefit from. Can you help? As a thank you, you will get early access to the app and amazing thank you gifts from companies that share the same values as Bébé Voyage.

Check out our various donation levels and the customization you can have at each one.

We know and trust that you are supporting us the best you can in whatever way is possible. A few other ideas that will also help us:

1. Invite your friends to Club Bébé Voyage and let them know we are working on creating an app

2. Share our crowdfunding posts with your friends and/or tag them.

3. Make sure you follow us on Instagram (@bebe.voyage) and like the crowdfunding posts

YOU are why we do this.

Testimonial - Bébé Voyage is the best community for families around the world

And we can’t wait to expand as a community.

With all our love and gratitude,

Team Bébé Voyage


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