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Best Options for getting Kids to Sleep on an Airplane

Anyone who has flown on an airplane knows exactly how hard it is to get comfortable and try and get some shut eye. Add an overnight flight and young kids to the mix and you suddenly feel like climbing Mt. Everest would be easier. It doesn’t have to be a total free for all 30,000 feet up however. There are products that have been made that will actually let your kids sleep peacefully (and hopefully you in return!) We have reviewed some of the most popular fly beds on the market so you can figure out which one would work best for you and your kids!

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Flying Beds for Kids

** We are continuously updating this post to reflect reports of airlines that are not allowing these devices** Updated: August 28, 2018** Helping kids sleep comfortably on an airplane continues [...]

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Do you have a long-haul flight coming up soon? Or maybe a red-eye that leaves at the worst possible time for trying to keep your toddler on a routine? While its not quite their cozy familiar bed at home, having a fly bed on board the airplane is quite possibly the next best thing. Flying can be extremely unpredictable so you can’t assume that the middle seat will be open for your kids to stretch out in or even that their seat will recline. Having something on hand that is easy to set up and gives them an area to rest could be the difference between getting to your destination well rested and ready to explore or walking off the plane like a zombie having had no sleep at all. (We’ve been there and know that feeling all too well!)


Fly beds can fall into a couple different categories. There are a few inflatable options like Fly Tot and Plane Pal. There are also the ones that double as small suitcases such as the JetKids BedBox and then there are the ones that are for younger kids such as the DockaTot (aka Sleepyhead outside of the US) or the Sky Baby. The most important thing you need to do before purchasing one of these however, is to check to make sure your airline will allow these on the flight. There are a few airlines who have banned the use of them, however most are still willing and happy to have them on board. If you find your airline will accept them, we highly recommend looking into one of these fly beds. You won’t regret it!

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