Best Parenting Books for Traveling Parents


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Club Bébé Voyage gets lots of questions about travel and parenting, but sometimes these questions take on a life of their own. The Editorial Team recently noticed that a thread on parenting book suggestions turned up a list of books about parenting around the globe. These books are a small glance at what other cultures do and how you can integrate those ideas into your parenting.

We were so excited we decided to bring you this list to add to your bookshelf.

Bringing Up Bébé

Learn the beauty of teaching patience in parenting. Stop your child’s whining and get them to eat and sleep better all by learning when to intervene and how to teach kids the French art of waiting.

The Happiest Kids In The World

Learn to relax with Dutch parenting techniques. The Dutch let kids be kids, don’t over schedule and have incredible work life balance.

The Danish Way of Parenting

Learn to parent the Danish way with play, authenticity, reframing, empathy, no power struggles and togetherness. The advice in this book is simple but powerful.

The Whole-Brain Child

Take a look through hundreds of studies in an approachable way for suggestions on helping children grow their emotional intelligence.

There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather

Take a glimpse into Scandinavian culture and remember the value of nature in a child’s life.

The Smartest Kids In The World

Take a look at the world’s education superpowers who a decade ago ranked low in education. This book explores what changes these countries made and how we can learn from them.

Beyond the Tiger Mom

This Asian parenting focused book uses interview based research to provide guidance on raising tech-healthy kids who have longer attention spans and love math. A huge takeaway is learning to focus on failure as a hallmark of the learning process.


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