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The Best Car Seats for Traveling Families

Whether to travel with a car seat or not is a personal choice and highly debated amongst traveling families. There are car seats that are approved for air travel and keep your baby or toddler safely secured while riding on an airplane. Or, perhaps you know that you will be driving around while traveling, so you need to gate check a car seat to use at your final destination. In addition to having tons of expert advice around flying with a baby, we can also help you learn about and choose between the various portable car seats on the market. Some children protest riding in their carseat while others sleep soundly in theirs. It’s important to consider the unique personality and needs of your child when deciding whether to travel with a car seat or not. Flying with a car seat for the first time can be intimidating. We are here to help!

Let the experts help you find the perfect travel car seat for your baby or toddler.

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Traveling families have four options: travel without a car seat and use public transportation and taxi cabs as needed, check the car seat as luggage until you reach your final destination, gate-check the car seat before boarding the plane, or use a travel car seat while on the airplane. When using a car seat on an airplane, the travel car seat must be FAA-approved and you must have purchased a separate seat for your child.

Safety might be your number one concern when looking at an airplane car seat, while other parents with multiple children need the most lightweight car seat due to practicality. Some families use car seats from rental companies and others simply buy a seat once they reach their destination. When neither of these options works for you, and especially if you travel frequently, it makes sense to purchase a car seat that you use specifically on airplanes and when traveling.

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There are accessories to ease using car seats on airplanes, like car seat travel carts which alleviate the need to carry the car seat through the airport separately from the rest of your luggage. You can wheel your child in his or her car seat akin to a stroller. Many parents choose to travel with car seats for various reasons, and our team of globetrotting parents are here to help you pick the perfect travel car seat.

Flying with a baby can be hectic enough as it is. Big and bulky car seats that you traditionally use in your vehicle are usually not the best ones to travel with. Excess luggage will leave you frazzled on your journey. We take into consideration safety, being lightweight, compactness, portability and ease of use when rounding up the best travel car seats.

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