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Baby Travel Cribs and Portable Toddler Beds

A baby travel crib or baby bed is an essential item to pack for many traveling families. When you’ve had a long journey, you want your little one(s) to sleep soundly once you reach your destination. Bébé Voyage has collected expert and community-sourced advice to roundup the top Baby Travel Cribs and Portable Toddler Beds to keep your children well-rested while on holiday.

Let the experts help you find the perfect travel bed or crib for your baby or toddler.

Travel Beds for Babies & Toddlers

This post contains affiliate links.  You’re hitting the road with your little one but figuring out where they are going to sleep is a problem. We hear this a lot in the Bébé Voyage [...]

Travel and Sleep Gear For Kids

This post contains affiliate links. The Bébé Voyage Community is always buzzing about the best way to help your kids sleep. In fact sleeping is one of the biggest concerns when looking to travel [...]

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Baby Travel Crib and Toddler Bed Recommendations

Parents in Club Bébé Voyage often ask about the best Baby Travel Bed. Also referred to as travel cribs, camp cots, pack n’ plays, and portable cribs, there are so many options to choose from and things to take into consideration when shopping around for the right toddler travel bed.

We know that every family and every child is unique, so what works for one situation might not be best adapted for another. We celebrate the diversity of and share with you the experience of various voices within our community. Club Bébé Voyage members have diverse cultural backgrounds and literally live all over the world. Someone who lives halfway around the world from you might offer more fruitful insight than your neighbor. Bébé Voyage is here to federate the tribe of globetrotting parents.

Our portable travel crib and toddler travel bed recommendations come from our team and from our global community, where they’ve been tried and tested by traveling parents just like you! We offer a wide variety of options of baby travel cribs and portable toddler beds; there is something for every price range, compact requirements, easy of portability, and a travel bed to fit all weights and ages of young children.

baby sleeping in travel cot in duoro valley portugal
Traveling mom Angela Sipper's baby in a travel cot overlooking the Duoro Valley in PortugalWhat a perfect place in the world to take a nap!

Whether you’re traveling to a place unknown, moving around from rental to rental on a multi-stop trip, or perhaps your hotel simply can’t provide you with a portable crib, Travel Cribs are an essential piece of gear to pack. Having the right baby travel bed on hand will help ensure your child stays on their sleep schedule and feels secure at night, no matter the destination. Check out our round-ups and reviews of top Travel Cribs to find the one that’s perfect for your family before your next trip!

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