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Here we try to answer your every day questions about traveling with kids. You’ll find articles on everything from kid friendly destinations to advice on jet lag.

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Hidden Gems

This series discovers family friendly hidden gems around the globe. These are the tips you scour Pinterest and travel blogs for, all collected in one place.

A day in the life

This series highlights the perfect day in a city written by a local. This series serves both as a suggested itinerary for kid friendly fun in a city and as a glimpse into life around the world.

Big Adventures with little ones

Bébé Voyage is here to dismantle the myth that once you have a baby, you have to give up on a travel. Learn from other globetrotting parents about how they have traveled to exotic places with little ones in tow!
anti-racism commitment
Elizabeth Doerr

Bébé Voyage Commitment To Anti-Racism

July 3, 2020 Bébé Voyage’s purpose is to empower parents to raise children to be curious, open-minded, and global citizens and to encourage parents to bring up lifelong explorers by exposing them to new cultures and experiences to build a better, more peaceful world for all. As an organization, Bébé Voyage has a lot of

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summer destinations
Family Road Trips
Annah Otis

Top Summer Travel Destinations in the United States and Canada

Warmer weather and weeks or months of quarantine have inspired a major resurgence in the travel bug for families throughout North America. In fact, the second most searched “When can we…?” inquiry on Google is currently “When can we travel again?” Coronavirus has undoubtedly reshaped the travel scene, but there are still ways to satisfy

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jollof rice recipe from Nigeria
Family Travel Advice
Marta Conte

Jollof Rice From Nigeria: Delicious Recipes From Around The World!

This week’s recipe takes us to the West African nation of Nigeria. We will be making Jollof Rice, a deliciously spicy one-pot recipe and one of West Africa’s most famous exports!    Nigeria is located in West Africa and shares its borders with Benin, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger. Nigeria is one of the most populous

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Family Travel Advice
Marta Conte

Traveling as an Interracial LGBTQ+ Couple with Twins

In recognition of Pride Month (celebrated every year in June), Demond shares his views and tips on traveling as an interracial LGBTQ+ couple and family, and how to discuss these topics with children.   One of the most common tips for traveling LGBTQ+ couples is to adapt to the country’s culture. Is there any destination

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there are so many summer learning activities the you can do with your kids!
Family Travel Advice

Travel-Inspired Summer Learning Activities To Combat Summer Slide

Even though summer has only just begun, the last few months of e-learning have made it feel a lot longer, and the usual challenge of keeping kids engaged and learning over the school-free months that much harder. Fortunately, our extended time at home has also served to highlight the many great resources available to help

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states reopening from covid19
Julia Sabik

U.S. State Reopenings and COVID-19 Guidelines

Bébé Voyage monitors the coronavirus situation closely and will update this U.S. state reopenings article weekly with the latest information on each state’s reopening restrictions and policies. We recommend that everyone keep themselves up to date with information from government and official medical websites, as well. As with any travel article published in Bébé Voyage,

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