Hidden Gems

Why do we travel with our children?

The list of reasons could be infinite, but for many of us, it would all come back to the destination itself and the memories we create there. While we are busy exploring, broadening our horizons and diversifying our world views, sometimes we stumble upon completely wonderful and equally unexpected places.

These are our hidden gems… the places we soak up and yearn to go back to.

Our Hidden Gems series will uncover one-of-a-kind places discovered by our readers while traveling or exploring their own city. Whether it’s a beach, park, cafe, family-friendly hotel, hiking trail or other, enjoy discovering these best kept secrets and be sure to add them to your list of places to go! Read on to discover our very first Hidden Gem, a warm and shallow sand bar area perfect for the kids to splash around in with a tranquil beach where parents can relax and enjoy the scenery.

We are continually adding to our list of Hidden Gems, so, if you have a favorite secret spot that we need to know about, please fill out our form and it will be written about for the Bébé Voyage community.


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