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You’ve probably seen our post, Traveling With Your Car Seat, which is a great resource for traveling parents. We want to expand on that with some car seat safety tips that we should all be aware of when traveling with our carseats and getting around day-to-day.

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We get a lot of questions about car seats! Whether you decide to travel with one or not is completely up to you and dependent on so many factors, like whether your destination has expansive public transit options or not. Here are some questions you might have:

Do I have to use a car seat on a plane?

No. Both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), however, strongly recommend that you use an FAA-approved child restraint device. That means either an approved car seat or the CARES harness. Consider whether your child might sleep better in their car seat and how long your flight will be too. If you prefer not to fly with a car seat, gate checking your car seat is an option like you do with your stroller. Remember to bring a cover bag to avoid dirt and hopefully damage.

Can you rent a car with a car seat?

Most major companies charge between $10 and $15 per seat per day. Call and confirm with your rental car company well in advance and ensure they provide the appropriate type of seat for your child’s age, height, and weight.

How do you order an Uber with a car seat?

 uberX option at the bottom of your screen. Find the CAR SEAT option and tap the CAR SEAT button above the uberX option. Request ride with seat and set your pickup location. A $10 surcharge will be applied to your total total fare.

Do we need to use car seats in a taxi and bus?

You cannot use a car seat on public buses because the seats do not have seat belts or lower latch anchors to secure the seats property. We advise holding your children tightly on your lap or using front-pack baby carriers (like the Ergo). Taxi laws vary by country and state. Most places do not require children to be in car seats on public transportation or in taxis, so its up to the parents to factor in length of ride and weighing whether they are comfortable doing so. Read up on the specific laws of your destination when making travel arrangements. For older children, check out portable booster seats like the Mifold, Ride Safer Travel Vest, and the BubbleBum Inflatable Booster!

Above all, be sure that you’re using your car seats correctly. Improper usage can sometimes be equivalent to not using a seat at all. Please read your product manuals, read up on car seat safety and laws surrounding car seats as they vary everywhere you go. Tell us how you bring your car seat along with you. Use the hashtags #bbvgear and #bebevoyage to share your trips with us. Travel safely!


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