Four Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Peacefully While Traveling

Getting your bundle of joy to sleep is hard enough when you’re on your home turf. But when you take your child on a plane or on the road, the problem is often made ten times worse. Sleep is [...]


How to Stay Healthy when Traveling Abroad with Baby

Traveling with your baby might be one of the most unforgettable moments in your life as a mom or dad. Creating new memories and experiencing new things in a different country with your little one [...]


10 tips for travelling with a child with food allergies

What is the Thai word for peanut? Can I fly with my child’s meds? How do I minimize the risk of an allergic reaction while on a flight? These are just some of the daunting questions that parents [...]


Traveling With Childhood Asthma

When my son was two years old he was diagnosed with asthma. The diagnosis threw me for a number of reasons: firstly, no-one in our immediate family suffered from asthma and so I had no experience [...]


Travel Tips: What To Do When You or Your Baby Gets Sick Abroad

“Adventure, yeah. I guess that’s what you call it when you come back alive.” -Mercedes Lackey I got bit by the travel bug when I was a twenty year old interning in Hawaii. I know, it’s shocking [...]


A Pediatrician’s Guide to Healthy Travel with a Baby

A prelude to the episode about keeping a healthy baby while traveling coming out Tuesday, March 29.  by Steve Silvestro, MD Pediatrician & Host of The Child Repair Guide Podcast    [...]


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