Christmas Wonderland -German Christmas Markets

If you visit Europe in December, there is one thing that needs to be on your to-do list; you need to visit a Christmas Market! A 719-year-old tradition The tradition of hosting Christmas Markets [...]


Hotel Review: Aria Hotel Budapest, Hungary

Bébé Voyage Rating: 9/10  The Aria Hotel is a 5-star gem in historic, downtown Budapest. Is it a place for kids? Certainly. We don’t normally think of taking our kids to a finely polished [...]


Discover Germany a fairy tale at a time

When our son was born one of the first presents he got was a compilation with all the famous brother Grimm fairy tales- Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Hansel & Gretel, Snow White, [...]


A Day in the Life of a Mom in Budapest, Hungary

Hello! My name is Jessica and I have lived in Budapest for about a year with my husband and 20 month old daughter, Hayden.  We are originally from the USA but have been lucky enough to find [...]


Visiting Vienna with Children

I lived in Vienna for three years before having children. Vienna is considered to be the number one city in Mercer’s quality of life ranking. It was only until after my daughter was born there [...]


Azura: On Loving Baby Travel to Warsaw and her Babyzen Yoyo

  Azura ha been an active member in Club Bebe Voyage for quite some time, but this was her very first trip with her newly walking toddler! She traveled to Warsaw, which she loved and found [...]


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