Lake Bled, Slovenia: A Hidden Gem for Family Travel

This article was written by Chelsea at Pack More Into Life.  As a special education teacher and Mom, she began her blog to write about her family’s travels while living in Germany and [...]


5 Reasons to Visit Bosnia and Montenegro

Many travellers have Croatia, Slovenia and Greece on their travel bucket lists. But Bosnia and Montenegro have much to offer for visiting families as well.   Here are Five Reasons you should [...]


7 Things We Wish We Had Known Before Traveling to Montenegro and Bosnia y Herzegovina

Montenegro and Bosnia y Herzegovina may not hit as high as Croatia or Greece on the average traveller’s Balkan bucket list, but they should. These are the seven things we wish we’d known before [...]


Day in the Life of a Mom in Athens Greece

I am Anna Paparizou and I am a Family Travel & Lifestyle Blogger. I am also a mother of twin boys! My husband, Costas and I are raising our family in a quiet suburb of Athens/Greece. [...]


12 Kid-Friendly Historical Sites in Europe: Tips and Tricks

Do kid-friendly historical sites even exist? Yes they do! Having children does not mean you are doomed to a life of no travel, or boring package holidays (although all inclusive meals and kids [...]


Elisabeth: On Overcoming Jetlag, Bending the Rules, and Bringing Bébé To Croatia

Like many Club Bébé Voyage members, Elisabeth Ertas is a traveler by nature. With her recent trip to Croatia, Elisabeth learnt a lot about traveling with bébé and picked up many fantastic new [...]


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