A Day in the Life of a Mom in Pisa, Italy

Ciao–I’m Jane, and this is a Day in the Life of a mom in Pisa, Italy. My husband and I moved to Italy from the U.S. just over two years ago with our two daughters who are now [...]


Why You Should Visit Lucca with a Toddler–From Churches and Antique Fairs to Gelato

Lucca is perhaps the most baby and toddler friendly destination in Tuscany. We loved traveling with our toddler to this slightly less crowded, more accessible Tuscan town. Located an hour from [...]


Why Christmas in Tuscany Might be the Best Season of All

A Christmas trip to Tuscany would be wonderful for any family wanting to take advantage of the time off work or out of school or just has a bit of “wanderlust” over this Christmas season. This is [...]


Christmas Villages and Markets in Rome Can’t Compare To Meeting The Real Santa, But They’re Almost As Magical

Rome is always a gorgeous family destination, but during the holiday season is truly something special. With its numerous Christmas markets and authentic Santa villages, the atmosphere at [...]


Christmas in Rome in Amazing–A Magical Family-Friendly Tour Around Town

Buon Natale or Happy Christmas! So you’ve decided to take a trip to Rome to see the spectacular site that is a Roman Christmas? Then come with me as I take you around the festive lights, the [...]


12 Kid-Friendly Historical Sites in Europe: Tips and Tricks

Do kid-friendly historical sites even exist? Yes they do! Having children does not mean you are doomed to a life of no travel, or boring package holidays (although all inclusive meals and kids [...]


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