Visiting Torres del Paine With a Family

Martina Danelaite, a proud mama of two and Bébé Voyager, embarked on an intimidating journey to Chile and went visiting Torres del Paine with her family. Here’s how she did it.  Patagonia [...]


Exploring Cabo San Lucas with Baby

Before attempting international travel across continents with your baby, it’s good to try something a little closer to home. Cabo San Lucas, with its beautiful beaches and views, is a [...]


The surprising reason you should travel to Argentina with kids

With the recent devaluation of the Argentine peso and the introduction of low-cost airlines, travel to Argentina with kids (or not) is suddenly much more affordable for international visitors. [...]


Wine Tasting with a Toddler

Wine tasting with a toddler… Yes, it is possible! Having just moved to Argentina and being wine lovers, it’s not like we were going to pass up the chance to go to a vineyard. So when [...]


5 Essential things to know when visiting Peru with a baby

For many parents Peru is not one of the first countries they think of when planning a holiday, but it is on their bucket list. The most frequent reservation is that it is one of the destination [...]


A Day in the Life of a Mom in Monterrey, Mexico

Hello! I´m Nash, mum to 2 year old Mimis and expecting baby #2 in a couple of months. We are currently living in Monterrey, Mexico. Both my husband and I were born and raised in Mexico, but life [...]


Surviving Her First International Trip With Baby to Mexico — Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Laura Huertas recently traveled to Cozumel Mexico. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we decided to post her Mexico trip now. Laura learnt a lot about traveling with a stroller (definitely worth [...]


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