5 Christmas Activities in Paris For the Entire Family

In the two years we spent in the outskirts of Paris, the Christmas season was one of my favorite times of the year. Paris does a great job 0f making the holiday magical for families. We found the [...]


Escaping the Crowds at Popular Destinations

Bébé Voyage thanks Harsh Aurora for this great article on how to avoid crowded tourist attractions!  His suggestions offer amazing experiences which can help you avoid the pitfall of dealing with [...]


Four Days in Paris with Kids

This spring, we decided to spend two weeks traveling around Europe with our kids. This was probably the longest trip taken with our two young boys thus far. We started in The Netherlands, flying [...]


Hidden Gems: An Island Oasis in Western Europe

This week’s hidden gem is an unexpected beach oasis in Western Europe! Discovered by club member Lisa of Travel Loving Family blog, this gem is the perfect little oasis for a beach-loving family. [...]


Top 10 Places to Visit in France

France is one of my favorite places in the whole world. I love the people, the language, the history; it’s all so fascinating. We were lucky enough to live in a suburb of Paris for almost two [...]


12 Kid-Friendly Historical Sites in Europe: Tips and Tricks

Do kid-friendly historical sites even exist? Yes they do! Having children does not mean you are doomed to a life of no travel, or boring package holidays (although all inclusive meals and kids [...]


Alex: On Getting Baby to Eat Everything and Handling Baby Jetlag in Paris

  Alex is one of our very first members to join Club Bebe Voyage and is one of our biggest fans — we love him too! On his recent trip to Paris, he struggled with getting his daughter [...]


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