Discovering Barcelona in 5 Days

Bebe Voyage member Carla recently shared with us her trip to Barcelona. She also gave us a fantastic walking tour itinerary in Google Maps.  Please enjoy her recommendations and we would love to [...]


Why Japan Is One of the Most Unique Destinations With A Toddler

Bebe Voyage recently had the pleasure of hearing from travelers Gyongyi and Jurgen; Hungarian and Dutch parents living in Amsterdam. They chose to take a sabbatical after their daughter Mirin was [...]


Perfect Family Vacation in Portugal

Calling all first-time-as-a-family-travelers, experienced travelers, and anyone who likes amazingly easy, beautiful and relatively inexpensive getaways.  If you haven’t been to Portugal with the [...]


7 Things We Wish We Had Known Before Traveling to Montenegro and Bosnia y Herzegovina

Montenegro and Bosnia y Herzegovina may not hit as high as Croatia or Greece on the average traveller’s Balkan bucket list, but they should. These are the seven things we wish we’d known before [...]


Copenhagen with kids- A 7 day itinerary

A week in Copenhagen with Twins! Folks asked us why we chose Copenhagen, Denmark as our first European trip with our 2.3-year-old twins! My response to all of them was that I searched for the [...]


Traveling by Train with Kids

Traveling with kids can be difficult. There are so many decisions to be made to balance the needs of the adults and the kids. Then there is the gear. Hauling car seats and entertainment can [...]


5 Essential things to know when visiting Peru with a baby

For many parents Peru is not one of the first countries they think of when planning a holiday, but it is on their bucket list. The most frequent reservation is that it is one of the destination [...]


Discover Germany a fairy tale at a time

When our son was born one of the first presents he got was a compilation with all the famous brother Grimm fairy tales- Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Hansel & Gretel, Snow White, [...]


Adventures of a globetrotting mom and daughter

Hands up if you have day dreamed about leaving your 9-to-5 lifestyle behind and hitting the road! Reading through the questions on the BebeVoyage group, we know that many of you dream about an [...]


Road Tripping in California With a Baby

My husband, myself and our friends visiting from London decided to pile into the car and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH aka Highway 1) from LA to San Francisco this summer with two [...]

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