Day in the Life of a Mom in Athens Greece

Day in the Life of a Mom in Athens Greece

by Anna Paparizou

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I am Anna Paparizou and I am a Family Travel & Lifestyle Blogger. I am also a mother of twin boys! My husband, Costas and I are raising our family in a quiet suburb of Athens/Greece. We’ve been living here for the past 7 years. Before that, we lived together at the center of Athens and before I lived with my parents a bit outside the city. I’ve also lived for a year in Sweden studying. I grew up in a small beach town in Chalkidiki, Northern Greece. (So I guess I can say I’m from all over!) Our twin boys are 13 months old and we love traveling together.


Whenever the babies wake up, which is usually at around 8:30, they breastfeed and then we all move to the kitchen for breakfast. I love making banana-avocado pancakes! We all enjoy them with a bit of maple syrup. If we do not stay in to eat, we love brunching at the rooftop restaurant of AthensWas Hotel at the center of Athens. In the Winter, we love strolling downtown, just outside AthensWas Hotel. In Summer and Spring, we opt for picnics on the beach or in the mountains around the city.


We enjoy sea food on the beach somewhere in Nea Makri, Kavouri or Varkiza. Garbis restaurant in Kavouri (link in Greek only) has a kid menu, baby seats and a lovely sea view.

We are active parents, so we prefer to walk with the twin stroller or drive to the mountain and hike with the babies in our carriers. We then enjoy a snack at the picnic area. There are so many beautiful places to take the kids to walk and relax. Even in a city like Athens you will find many wonderful green spaces.

Enjoy Lake Voliagmeni, which is surrounded by beach chairs. There is a cafe-bar-resturant there as well. You can swim and snorkel here or just enjoy the breathtaking landscape. There is a children’s playground and you’ll often see children’s parties being hosted. There are plenty of hiking trails to explore here as well.


The twins nap twice a day, after breakfast during our walk and then again at home after lunch. I enjoy working out at home during their nap! If they don’t nap, a stroll at the stores is my fun pass-time, followed by playground time with daddy.

It’s almost always sunny here, so we walk to this lovely playground near the mountain almost every day. If the weather is not good, it’s a good opportunity to stay home! But we take every opportunity to go to Stavros Niarchos Foundation, it is the ideal spot for families, for picnics, playtime, walking around.


When we head out for dinner we chose one of the many restaurants in Athens.

You can read more about Anna’s adventures on her blog

For the Day in a Life Series we have featured families from countries around the globe. The series aims to give our global Bebe Voyage community a personal and authentic account on what a perfect weekend day looks like for families around the world.

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