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Along with its world class city cultural and culinary offerings, visit London with Kids and you will be pleasantly surprised. Bébé Voyage curates for you London baby friendly restaurants, hidden gems and kids activities.

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Why Bébé Voyage Loves London

London is an extremely baby and toddler friendly city. Almost all attractions here tailor to children in some way. Depending where you’re living or staying, you are likely to find great resources for babies and new parents that are often free. There is free story-time and rhyme-time at local libraries and breastfeeding groups. If you look, there are some great social services at your fingertips.

As one of the biggest cities on the world stage and being at the forefront of so many industries for so much of its history, London is a city of many wonders. Many may wonder whether it might be too hectic for a family visit, but perhaps one of its most astounding features its its multiple gorgeous large parks. Some of London’s parks are so big and so wild, that you could really think of yourself lost in the countryside.

As London’s weather is rather unpredictable, be ready for rain and sunshine no matter the day.

Top Things to do in London with Toddlers

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  • A day at the National History and Science museums in Kensington

  • A morning at the Princess Diana Memorial Playground with a stroll around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

  • A morning at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden

  • An afternoon toy store visit to Hamley’s or Harrod’s

  • A stroll down South Bank with its lovely views of the city and the Thames and its family-friendly exhibits

  • A day in Greenwich without missing the Ahoy at Maritime Museum

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Visiting London With Your Baby: A Guide For a Great Vacation

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With this London travel guide, you’ll get to experience the city in a family-friendly way. This guidebook has recommendations on things to do in London with kids, including touring the main sites, how to best experience the culture like a local, what parks are nearby for your kids to go run and play, and more. Visit London in a fun and memorable way while making the most of your trip.

  • Airport maps
  • Kid-Friendly Hotels
  • Top Toddler Activities
  • Top Kids Restaurants
  • Packing Lists
  • Transportation advice
  • Tips and tricks

Let Another Mum Show You Around London With Your Baby

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London is a great “walking city” with great paths, lovely parks, independent boutiques and restaurants at every turn. Our family-friendly London baby trails were created by local moms who love showing off their city to other families. Walk in their footsteps, as they take you around their favorite spots, hidden gems in London, and hacks on how to travel with a baby.

Learn From Fellow Mums and Dads About London With A Baby

Find out what a lovely weekend day in the life of a mum in London is like and follow her in her footsteps, as she takes you to her favorite family-friendly spots.

Learn More About Traveling to London

There is a perfect London neighbourhood for everyone. From swanky Mayfair to cool Camden, from trendy Shoreditch to leafy Highgate, the choices are endless. The easiest way to think of London is to see it as two halves–North of the river and South of the river. There is a friendly rivalry between the two, although those who live North of the river are a bit funny about heading South.

London is a city immersed in a long history and nowhere is this more present than in the City of London, the capital’s financial center. At every turn, you can find nuggets of hidden history, museums, civic spaces and a multitude of facilities, all accessible to families with little ones.

If you’re looking to get a sense of what it’s like to live in London with a baby, a day in the family-friendly and oh-so-popular neighborhood of Clapham is for you. Located next to trendy Brixton, this South London neighborhood was once a suburb where merchants built themselves mansions overlooking the common. Today, the neighborhood now attracts an easygoing crowd for its bars, pubs, restaurants, adorable boutiques, and overall laid-back vibe.

In London, there are loads of baby food options at the supermarkets. Most restaurants will accommodate babies and toddlers and have a special children’s menu as well. Children’s menus in the UK are usually quite healthy… expect lots of boiled potatoes!

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London does not fall short in its cultural offerings. Countless museums and markets make any day fun for both parents and kids. In general, the museums are child-friendly, with changing rooms and stroller/pram accessibility. Be sure to check out the many cafés within the museums for delicious meals and kids’ menus; the cafés in major museums are usually kid-friendly, large, and can accommodate strollers. Also, be aware that the food served in and around museums is pricier, and gets cheaper as you get farther out. Perfect for sunny days and rainy days alike, London is sure to have a cultural outing for everyone.

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