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Choose from four of our suggested itineraries in London that you can do with your family in a day. Curated by the Bébé Voyage community.

Introducing Our London England Interactive Tours

With so many things to do in London, it can be overwhelming, especially when you have a baby in tow. That’s why we’ve created for you Bébé Voyage Trails, so that you can visit London like a local at a pace that works for your family! All our London for kids trails are vetted by our a parent like you and includes their insider recommendations and hidden gems.

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About Our London Interactive Trails

One of the world’s greatest cities, London is a fantastic place to visit with babies and young children as it really has something for everyone. London holds endless history and many surprises around every quirky and diverse corner: luscious parks, world-class museums, and galleries (many of which include activities specifically designed for little ones) as well as a truly unlimited selection of child-friendly places to eat.

There are so many things to do in London with kids. We hope that the Bébé Voyage Trails will help you visit London with toddlers, babies or preschoolers.

London offers plenty of culture, activities and outings for all kinds of interests and ages. Most museums in London are child friendly as they tend to be rather spacious and allow room for them to roam and explore. We’ve included some of our favorites in these interactive London baby tours.

One of the reasons London is so family-friendly is thanks to its endless activities. Probably the best way to explore what London has to offer and enjoy the local culture is by simply strolling around outdoors, if the weather permits. For a major global city, London provides an impressive amount of greenery. You can find yourself in London proper, and if you did not know any better, truly believe that you are in the British countryside. London is replete with leafy neighborhoods that provide gorgeous trails and play grounds.

Whatever you’re shopping for, London has it. Each neighborhood in this city offers different, child-friendly experiences and many boutiques to enjoy.

When it comes to stroller accessibility, the Tube in London isn’t great especially during rush hour. London buses are baby-friendly, but be prepared for competition to get on them. If your stroller does not fit through the front entrance of a bus, you can board from the back, secure your stroller, and then pay at the front. Only a couple of strollers can fit on a bus at one time, so if there is no space you’ll have to wait for the next one.

In each tour, we’ve noted for you if the trail itself is stroller-accessible. But don’t forget to consider how you’re getting there! Some trails are more challenging with a stroller and will be better adapted if you have a baby carrier or if your little ones are able to walk on their own. Be sure to check out the interactive maps so that you can see the distances between the different recommendations and gauge the distances for your family.

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and home to fantastic food and culture. There are myriads of museums, parks, and world famous sites that appeal to all ages. While the city’s infrastructure is not particularly family friendly, the people are and help compensate for any deficiencies.

The things to do in London with kids vary widely. London has exceptional public parks with great playgrounds. One of the reasons London is so family-friendly is thanks to its wonderful access to outdoor spaces and vast number of activities to keep kids entertained.

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