Things To Do In South East Asia With Kids

Welcome to South East Asia

Southeast Asia is a diverse exotic and stunning region the entire family will love. From ancient cultures to exciting flavors, it is truly a place to expand your and your baby’s horizons.




Why Bébé Voyage Loves South East Asia

South East Asia is a famous backpackers’ haven, but it’s also wonderful for all types of travelers including honeymooners, retired couples, and of course, traveling families! The tourist industry truly caters to all types of travelers, allowing you to really taylor a trip that fits your family. If you’re looking to immerse yourself and your family in a completely different culture, take the plunge and head to South East Asia. What we love the most about traveling here with our families are the people. They genuinely adore children, and you will never feel like you are bringing your kids anywhere they shouldn’t be. In fact, don’t be surprised if locals just walk up to you and ask if we needed help and offer to hold the kids!

Top 5 Things to do in South East Asia with Toddlers

Bangkok buddha illustration
  • Spend a relaxed holiday at the laid back beachy and relatively isolated Koh Lanta island in Thailand.

  • Spend a few days in paradise in an eco resort in Malaysia or Indonesia you can only reach via a traditional long boat.

  • Take the kids to the Loy Krathong Festival when small, candle-lit boats float down rivers.

  • Explore Angkor Wat – a stunning experience for the whole family.

  • Discover Hoi An via cyclotour, a family friendly way to see this lovely ancient town in Vietnam.

  • Have breakfast at the Singapore Zoo with the orangutans

Bangkok buddha illustration

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Learn From Our South East Asia Ambassadors

There are a number of members in our community who either travel to or live in the South East Asia region with their families. Whether they’ve experienced the region as locals, as expats, or as travelers, the South East Asia region for families has consistently earned high praise. Not only is it beautiful, the food is delicious, and the people are great with kids.

South East Asia is an Incredible Travel Destination with a Baby

For starters, South East Asia is a large and diverse region–those traveling to the back country of Vietnam or Laos will have an utterly distinct experience to those going to Singapore– so it’s impossible to make any sweeping general statements about the region as a whole. That said — depending on where you’re coming from, travel to this region for a change of pace, an exposure to a different perspective on the world, and a real adventure for the entire family. It’s no surprise so many expat families adore being posted to Singapore and Hong Kong. The travel in South East Asia is stunning from one country to the next and extremely family-friendly.

Depending on how rural your trip is, the preparation entailed might differ.

mum and baby at angkor wat
Angelika from Flying Arrows and her baby at Angkor Wat
Daniela from A Baby Abroad's son in Shanghai

Some traveling parents might opt for an urban escape and head to Singapore where everything is very familiar for foreigners and diapers and basic supplies are readily available. Depending on where you chose to travel to, you might want to find out about vaccinations, pack lots of diapers, sunscreen, and come with a travel cot. Either way – do not overpack. South East Asia is full of outdoor markets selling nice clothing you will want to buy!

The people in South East Asia are generally very friendly and love children. Especially if you venture out of the more touristy areas, cities, and resorts, be prepared that your children will get a lot of attention. Usually people are being kind and helpful, but sometimes it might feel pushy. This may sit differently from parent to parent and child to child, but be prepared for the love and adoration!

If you don’t have one already, we strongly suggest that parents invest in a good baby carrier, if your child is still at that age. Between the cobbled walkways and uneven sidewalks, you will be relieved not to be dealing with a stroller.

One of the best things about South East Asia is the food! Thai and Vietnamese food is delicious and surprisingly kid friendly so don’t be afraid to try the local cuisine. Kids will particularly love the noodle and rice dishes with egg. They also have delicious omelettes there that are totally unique to that part of the world. Toddlers will love spring rolls with rice noodles, too. In some places you’ll find food served in pineapples, which toddlers will love! The fresh fruit there is to die for.

One thing to keep in mind especially if coming from parts of Europe and America is that car seats laws in South East Asia are either non existent or aren’t proactively enforced. As mentioned above, it’s a very different culture, so be prepared that finding transportation with rear seatbelts let alone suitable car seats can be a challenge unless you do your research and often pre book in advance.

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