Upscale Östermalm with Toddlers

Experience chic Östermalm through the eyes of a local mum

Created by Jessica Akitikpa & Marianne Perez de Fransius

Open your baby’s eyes to a posh Stockholm neighborhood with a boat ride, parks and playgrounds and an upscale urban experience.


This trail is appropriate for babies and up.


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This is a sunny day trail.

About the Upscale Östermalm with Toddlers Trail

Östermalm is a posh residential neighborhood of Stockholm filled with shops and restaurants. While it doesn’t have the reputation of being particularly family friendly, as all of Stockholm (Sweden, really) is built to be stroller accessible, you will have no issues in Östermalm. All baby and toddler amenities (like pram accessibility, changing tables etc.) will be easily found throughout the tour.

Even if you do find yourself having to navigate a flight of stairs or having to board a boat, many a passer-by will gladly help. Public facilities all have electric doors making entering and exiting a breeze; restaurants are mostly spacious and offer highchairs for children and a place to park the pram.

This trail will take you through one of the nicest neighborhoods in Stockholm, but in a family-friendly way.

What is there not to love about Stockholm? Stockholm is a city on the water. Despite the extensive suburbs stretching out to the north and south of the city, the defining feature of the city is the intersection of the huge Lake Mälaren with the Baltic Sea. Starting off with the Stromma boat tour is a great way to get acquainted with the city and understand why it is called the Venice of the north.

Sweden is a paradise for families, and Stockholm an excellent destination when traveling with kids. Almost everything is child-friendly and accessible with a pram.

From there, head towards Sturegatan and Stureplan, hub for people who want to be seen (makes for great people watching!). And we’ve provided for you the best activities for toddlers in Stockholm’s center. We’ve included a stop at one of the best playgrounds in Stockholm which is nestled within a lovely park. It’s a great option if you just want a spot to have a picnic and toss a ball around.

And yes, we’ve thought of your meals and snacks along the way. We introduce you to one of best bakeries in Stockholm and a great ice cream shop, not to mention a lunch spot which is sure to have something for everyone!

Start off with a walk along Strandvägen, a street along the quay not far from where you caught the boat. One of the most expensive streets in the city, Strandvägen is home to Stockholm’s nicest shops and spectacular 18th century apartment buildings. Just imagine what a view they must have!

Make your way over to the Strömkajen boat dock located right by the luxurious Grand Hotel where you will catch a boat tour through the canals or out to the archipelago. Fun for parents and kids alike. Strömma offers tours that vary in length from an hour to full day excursions.

In case you’re missing some baby gear or just want to see what local families buy for their babies, this tour takes you to a full service baby shop. And it happens to be near our favorite Stockholm book store which includes a great kids section (Pippi Longstocking, anyone?) as well as books in English and other languages.

The tour ends leaving the posh Östermalm and heading towards Vasastan, a lovely residential neighborhood. But Urban Deli is one of the best restaurants in Stockholm, a favorite amongst the young, hip, urban crowd… including those with kids!

This tour is a great companion to our Stockholm Travel Guide which gives you all the information you need to plan your family trip to Stockholm.

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What You Should Know Before Taking This Tour

What gear do I need for this trail?

This is a stroller-friendly tour. While you are on the boat, the boat company will provide a place to park your stroller. You may want to have a lock for it, just in case.

Otherwise, just bring whatever you would normally have for walking around a city.

For stroller recommendations, check out our article about best strollers for air travel.


How should I dress my family?

This is a casual day-time trail. As the weather changes pretty easily in Stockholm, layers are a good option.  

How much money should I have in my wallet?

As Sweden is well on its way to being a cashless society, you don’t need to worry about carrying around Swedish crowns. You will be able to pay for everything by credit card. The most expensive activity is the boat tour, although children under 5 are free!

How old should my kids be for this trail?

This trail is perfect for babies and up!

What time should we start this trail?

If you want to make it through the whole trail, we recommend taking the 1-hour canal tour and taking the first boat of the day (10:30 am).

Do I need to book ahead/ reserve anything?

Swedes love making reservations ahead of time! Save time in the morning by booking your boat tour online. If you’re planning on having dinner at Urban Deli, it’s recommended that you book a table. If you’re just having drinks there and/or taking dinner to go (from the restaurant or the shop), you should be fine.  

What season can I take this trail?

The boat tour runs from April until mid-December. It is ideal to do in the summer, but if you are properly equipped, it is totally doable on a nice spring or fall day.  


Upscale Östermalm with Toddlers Trail was created by

Jessica Akitikpa

Marianne Perez de Fransius

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