Things To Do In Tokyo With Kids

Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun

From the air, Tokyo looks like a gray maze; from the ground, it looks like the inside of a salad bowl. It is a surprisingly green city and easy to get around. Tokyo is tradition and revolution, ancient temples and newly-built skyscrapers, all mixed together.

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Why Bébé Voyage Loves Tokyo

Tokyo is populated by old people – a quarter of the population is over 75. But at the same time, Tokyo is built to be extremely child-friendly. There are children’s toilets in most shopping centers, changing rooms in department stores, playgrounds in pocket-sized parks spread all over residential areas.

When you visit Tokyo, explore everything from tourist traps like robot restaurants and samurai museums to historic monuments like the ruins of Edo Castle, and stores that have been open since the city was founded 500 years ago. It has parks and gardens that are reconstructions of the samurai gardens, and museums for the whole family. It has high-tech buildings and traditional houses which have not been renovated since the 19th century. For anyone bent on discovery, a Tokyo trip is a treasure-trove with hundreds of things to see off the beaten path.

Japan also has a well-deserved reputation as a foodie heaven, and it is the local restaurants, run by a chef-entrepreneur, who are the cornerstone of that reputation. Interestingly, it has more Michelin-starred restaurants that Paris!

Top Things to do in Tokyo with Kids

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  • Enjoy tranquility in the center of the city at the Imperial Palace

  • Head to Ueno Park which has varied Tokyo attractions like the zoo and child-friendly museums

  • Check out the playground at Niko Niko Park… including a 30 meter slide!

  • Try some udon noodles… either hot or cold!

  • Check out the local park… you might find an impromptu concert or a kite making workshop!

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Visiting Tokyo With Your Baby: A Guide For a Great Vacation

With the Complete Bébé Voyage Tokyo Travel guide, you’ll gain access to the top things to do in Tokyo with kids (and babies), Tokyo family hotels, Tokyo attractions and activities, as well as an airport map that pinpoints family amenities in airports around the world and an interactive customized Tokyo map with our community vetted restaurants, parks, indoor playgrounds in Tokyo and more.

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Let Another Tokyo Parent Show You Around Tokyo With Your Baby

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Follow a local Tokyo family on their day around Ueno Park. This tour includes playgrounds, paddle boats and dinosaurs! Find out why our Ambassador thinks Ueno Park is one of the best places to visit in Tokyo with kids.

“My Family had so much fun on the Ueno Park Trail! Can’t wait to for our next trip.”

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Learn From Other Parents in Tokyo

Find out from parents living or traveling to Tokyo about the best things to do in Tokyo with kids. Get local insight, discover hidden gems, and find out why it’s great to visit Tokyo and the rest of Japan with babies, toddlers, preschoolers and even while pregnant!

More About Tokyo with a Baby

Tokyo is not an easy city to love right away. It can feel chaotic, overwhelming, and confusing, but give it a few days. When you have settled in a little, when your children have discovered their favorite neighborhood playground, when Hello Kitty and the other ubiquitous anime characters have crept under your skin, then suddenly you look out through the window and can’t wait to see yet another new thing in this amazing city.

The biggest Tokyo hotels are clustered in the Shinjuku area and in the Nihonbashi neighborhood northwest of Ginza. There are hotels everywhere in the city, although many of them are business hotels. Business hotels in Japan have very small rooms, intended for a single person visiting for work. You may be able to squeeze in your family, but you will not be able to fit the luggage, so make sure you are looking at Tokyo family hotels.

Every neighborhood in Tokyo has a park, usually several. This means there are plenty of small playgrounds scattered across the Tokyo living areas. Often the equipment is fairly basic with a couple of rocking horses, a slide, a pair of swings, and a sandbox.

With so many things to do in Tokyo with kids, what are you waiting for?

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