Dr Steve–Mindfulness for Parents Online Course, the Gift of a Lifetime!

Dr Steve–Mindfulness for Parents Online Course, the Gift of a Lifetime!

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Day 22: Bébe Voyage Advent Calendar–Your Ticket to Parental Sanity!

Want your kids to be warm, kind, and able to take on any challenge with a calm mind and steady hand? Don’t have the time or too stressed out to figure out how? “The Mindfulness for Parents Online Course”–crafted  by pediatrician Dr Steve Silvestro (Georgetown med school grad), dad, and podcast host –gives you the tools to navigate the challenges of parenting and feel confident doing it—to ride the waves of life without letting any single wave tip you over. Packed with lessons including meditations, guided imageries, yoga, and more, you’ll learn how to bring mindfulness into your daily life as a parent—plus tips for teaching these skills to your kids. Best of all, you can complete Dr Steve at your own pace—crucial for busy parents!

 Show your kids the warm, confident life you want for them by modeling it yourself.

 Sign up and start showing them today!

WantUse code VOYAGE for $25 off Dr. Steve’s course. Click here.

And in case you missed our previous family travel gift ideas, here’s what we’ve had in the Bébé Voyage Advent Calendar so far:

Day 21: Bébe Voyage Advent Calendar–Book A Caribbean Getaway For Your Next Child-Free Vacation

Sandals Resorts

Beaches Resorts offers 5-star experiences at all of their 15 resorts around the Caribbean. All-inclusive packages and a couples-only policy will give you and your partner the opportunity to completely relax and reconnect together. Every property boasts chic design, highly rated service, and unparalleled tropical locations. Imagine lounging in your personal swim-up pool in Negril, or indulging in a massage in an overwater bungalow in Jamaica. Beaches Resorts offer couples the opportunity to make the most of their beautiful Caribbean destinations. By the time you return home, you’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle the adventure of parenting again.  BUY Beaches Resorts NOW!

Day 20: Bébe Voyage Advent Calendar–Find A Trusted Babysitter Anywhere You Go

UrbanSitter connects parents with trustworthy babysitters in every major city and every state in the U.S. The agency performs a background check on each babysitter in their network, allowing parents to have extra peace of mind. When searching the UrbanSitter website or app, parents can read detailed profiles of each sitter so they can choose a caregiver best suited to their children and their family’s needs. Even better, the app links parents to existing contacts who have used UrbanSitter, creating a reliable referral source wherever they have contacts.  BUY URBANSITTER NOW!

Day 19: Bébe Voyage Advent Calendar–FirstLeaf Wine Club: Enjoy a Taste of Your Last Vacation from the Comfort of Your Home

“What better way to relive your vacation in Italy than to sip a gorgeous class of Chianti from the comfort of your home?” Receive a curated box from FirstLeaf Wine Club every month of your favorite wines whose selection is based on your unique tasting profile which updates with every single rating you give. Since FirstLeaf Wine Club eliminates the middleman and works directly with some of the world’s foremost wine producers,  you save up to 60% off retail. JOIN FIRSTLEAF WINE CLUB NOW!

Day 18: Bébé Voyage Advent Calendar–Blend Fresh Ingredients For Your Baby on the Go!

Never has making your little ones’ (and yours!)  favorite drinks, smoothies, and purées been more convenient thanks to the JetBlend portable blender bottle. Perfect for traveling, you can blend 8-10 beverages on a single charge by simply plugging into any USB port or charger to recharge in no time!  JetBlend is small enough to carry using the built-in strap or fit in a car’s cup holder, but also big enough to concoct your child’s favorite beverage. What’s there not to like? Buy JetBlend now!

Day 17: Bébe Voyage Advent Calendar–The Nutritious Answer to Travel Junk FoodSerenity Kids–Tasty Organic Meals for Babies on the Move!

Packaged in shelf-stable squeeze pouches, Serenity Kids meals are deliciously nutritious. Minimally processed and additive- and preservative-free, these baby’s first foods include a healthy blend of fats, quality meats, and vegetables. Their recipes mimic the macronutrients of breast milk ensuring the right balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates sourced from small American organic farms. Featuring grass-fed and pasture-raised meats (with no antibiotics, hormones, or GMO feed), Serenity Kids meals offer your baby an exciting variety of healthy choices including delicious pureed meats and salmon with organic veggies. What healthier way to feed your baby on the go? Yum-yum! Buy now!

Day 16: Day 16: Bébé Voyage Advent Calendar—Smart Clothing for Traveling Parents

This is a fantastic gift for parents, family, and friends! Are you going crazy keeping track of your personal items, e.g., cell phone, electronics, wallet, keys, travel documents, and sunglasses? Keeping them safe from little (and big!) hands when traveling with your kids?  SCOTTeVESTs multiple engineered pockets, coined “Pocket Science,” stores all your precious cargo saving you from lugging handbags and additional backpacks and carry-ons. Designed for women and men by formerly frustrated business traveler Scott Jordan, SCOTTeVESTs functional and stylish collection ranges from vests and jackets to hoodies, cardigans, caps, and even women’s skirts and dresses. Travel free and easy! Buy Now!

Day 15: Ergobaby Carrier–Travel Made Easy with the Ultimate Baby Carrier

Traveling with bags, strollers, and kids in the mix? Here’s your extra pair of hands! Pioneered by a mom on Maui in 2002, Ergobaby Carriers are soft-structured carriers ergonomically designed to cradle your baby or toddler in a natural sitting position and to evenly distribute her weight between your hips and shoulders. The ultimate in comfort and ergonomics, you can effortlessly wear your baby–newborns to toddlers (12-45 lbs). Ergobaby offers over 30 carriers in 5 different categories — Original, Omni 360, All Position 360, Cool Air Mesh, and Adapt plus Swaddlers for newborns. BUY NOW!

Day 14 — Hiccapop–The Ideal Sleep Solution for Traveling Toddlers

Hiccapop’s anytime/anywhere inflatable toddler bed is perfect for families on the go. Lightweight and portable, the bed includes an XL travel bag, extra tall and long bed rail bumpers, and an electric turbo pump. Inflated in under 30 seconds, the bed features inlay-enforced™ vinyl with reinforced weld-seams, a heavy duty air valve to insure against air leakage, and a velvet-flocked mattress for your little one’s sound sleeping. Easy to fold, roll, and go, it’s BPA, phthalate and lead- free. BUY NOW!

Day 13 — Klean Kanteen–The Sustainable Water Bottle for Little Travelers

Ever wonder if your kids’ water bottle was safe to drink from? Look no more–Klean Kanteen stainless steel kids water bottles and baby bottles are produced with safe BPA-free materials and designed specifically for kids.  A planet-friendly reusable bottle solution for babies, toddlers, little kids and big kids, they are incredibly versatile as they “grow” with your kids. As their classic caps fit their classic bottles, they can go from sippy to sport to leak-proof loop cap. Their baby bottles can transition to snack canisters when used with any of their wide caps. Durable and affordable, Kleankanteen water bottles are another way to reduce mountains of single-use waste. BUY NOW!

Day 12 — Lugabug — Make Getting Through the Airport with Kids a Breeze!

Let’s face it–running through the airport with kids to catch a flight  is arguably the worst part of the entire travel experience! Between getting your bags checked and snaking your way through security and to the gate, it’s exhausting. Well, not anymore, thanks to the Lugabug. The Lugabug is a travel seat that safely secures your child to your luggage. It’s the easiest, hands-free way to carry your child while traveling. Kids love the ride without falling behind or getting tired feet. BUY NOW!

Day 11– Mammaway — Storing Breast Milk on the Go Made Easy

Freeze it Flat™, designed by globe-trotting working mom of Mammaway, is a new patent-pending storage system ideal for breastfeeding moms on the go close to home or exploring the planet. Easy to use and reasonably priced, Freeze it Flat™ will save you 30-40% more space in your freezer or in your luggage. BUY NOW!

Day 10 — BabyZen Yoyo — The Ultimate Travel Stroller!

If you are looking for the best gift a traveling family could ask for, look no further than the BabyZen Yoyo! This unique stroller is considered to be one of the top travel strollers on the market, thanks to how light it is and how compact it folds up. The stroller closes up so small that you can take it on the plane with you as it will fit in the overhead bin. We’ve seen BabyZen Yoyos all over the world! BUY NOW!

Day 09 — Your Ticket to Getting Your Baby to Sleep When Traveling

Slumberpod is a light-weight quick-assembly privacy pod that helps babies/toddlers get a good night’s sleep when traveling and sharing a room. Slumberpod ® fits inside your carry-on and is dark inside, creating an optimum and safe sleep environment for your child.  It completely encloses a travel crib, it’s also compatible with several cots and small blow up mattresses. Slumberpod is made with breathable fabric and featuring ventilation windows, it passes applicable consumer product safety tests. Hello to rest and privacy for baby and you with Slumberpod! BUY NOW!

Day 08 — This Scratch Off World Map is an ideal gift for traveling families. 

It’s a fun way for parents to remind their kids of their travel stories as they share special travel moments and memories and it will be a cherished item on their wall! Your kids will love scratching off the parts of the world they’ve been to, and at the same time learn a bit about geography. The Landmass Travel Tracker map displays 210 flags of the world and includes both terrain data and U.S. state outlines and Canadian provinces. It’s the ideal world map poster for the room of any traveling child.

Day 07 –Smart Toys You Can Take Anywhere!

When we travel with kids, we have to think about so many things, it can be easy to forget to bring toys for the kids to play with. Have you ever arrived in a location and realized you forgot to bring any toys to keep the kids entertained? Never forget toys anymore with the adorable and affordable toys by Chuck & Roar! Choose between Puzzles, Card Games, Board Games, Car Games, and so much more! Chuck & Roar games are packed with essentials for your next flight or family road trip. BUY NOW!

Day 06 — A Solution To Make Your Baby Sleep Better

An all-time favorite item for traveling parents is the Jetkids Bedbox, suitcase and a flybed, all rolled into one. The suitcase is top opening and top loading, which is key on an airplane (or train or ferry) because you can have it on the floor in front of your child’s seat, easily take off the top and get things in and out. And when your toddler is ready to sleep, you flip the top of the Bedbox and it turns the seat into a bed. Your toddler will love having his or her own suitcase and will be thrilled to have a bed on a plane! BUY NOW!

Day 05 — Keep All Your Important Travel Documents in One Place   

Traveling families have so many important documents to keep track of! This premium leather passport case is the perfect way to keep all of your essentials in one place. Tumi knows the needs of travelers, so made a case that holds up to 5 passports. It also includes 6 slots for items like boarding passes and train tickets, additional organizational pockets, and a pen loop. BUY NOW!

Day 04 — A Subscription Service Offering Kids An Array of Creative and Fun Activities to Explore the World

Sometimes, the best gifts are those you receive in the mail every month. Little Passports is a brilliant subscription service for kids that teaches them about the world. Each activity pack includes a little booklet that gets kids to think about discovering new places, different cultures, and geography. Every month your kids will embark on an adventure through hands-on activities and souvenirs. Your kids will love checking the mail! BUY NOW!

Day 03 — Buy a Bébé Voyage-Branded Shirt, Onesie, Bib, Luggage Tag and more!

Bébé Voyage has a number of products featuring our cute hot air balloon logo, from T-shirts and Onesies to backpacks and luggage tags. They are all available in our Zazzle store. A Bébé Voyage-branded item is  a unique gift for traveling families. Travel far and wide, and you may bump into another Bébé Voyage member sporting a T-shirt! BUY NOW!

Day 02 – GoodPrints: Incorporate Your Best Travel Memories in Every Day Life

GoodPrints is such a great gift for family travelers, as you can immortalize your memories by printing your best photos on beautiful custom products including wall art, mugs, pillows, blankets, and more. Bonus: GoodPrints donates 10% of EVERY order to amazing causes including fighting cancer, protecting the environment, and helping kids in need.  BUY NOW!

Day 01 – Keep ’Em Quiet–Activity Packs To Keep Your Little Ones Entertained On The Go

Keep ’Em Quiet is the ideal gift for traveling families. Keeping kids entertained on the go is one of the biggest pain points for traveling families. You can choose between an array of activity packs for boys and girls between the ages of 1 to 10. As a parent, you will not have to worry about what to bring with you to keep your kids busy while traveling. BUY NOW!

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