Greece and the Balkans

Welcome to Hellas, the Heart Shaped Land and More!Things to Do in Greece and The Balkans with Kids

A hidden gem for families around the world lies in Southeastern Europe! While most know of Greece for its ancient ruins and gorgeous beaches, other countries like Montenegro and Slovenia have just as much for parents and kids to do with a fraction of the tourists. Visiting the Balkans and Greece with kids is sure to be a memorable experience!

Top Things To Do In Greece and The Balkans With Toddlers

Local mediterranean fish meze
Taste some of the local delicacies, from seaside mussels in Athens to tasty treats at a Slovenian food festival
Dalmatian coast Croatia
Explore the forested mountains and gorgeous coastlines
Small girl with Acropolis in the background
Take in the fascinating history of Southeastern Europe, both ancient and modern
Mostar bridge sites off the beaten path
See the Balkan sights without the crowds or sky-high prices of more “beaten path” destinations
Street musicians in Ljubljana where children are welcome
Enjoy cultures where families and children are welcomed and accommodated

Bébé's Top Greece and the Balkans Hotels For Traveling Families

Why Bébé Voyage Loves Greece and The Balkans

From the imposing shadow of the Parthenon to the sparkling Aegean beaches, Greece has something for everyone, adults and kids alike! In Athens, Greece, families can grab some spanakopita, spinach hand pies, before exploring the city proper or its many historical educational opportunities throughout the morning. An afternoon stroll in the many parks or on the mountain trails can conclude with a snack while the kids enjoy themselves at a playground. The Balkan region of southeastern Europe is similarly full of gorgeous outdoor adventures perfect for a family on the go, from Lake Bled in Slovenia to the flowing waterfalls and springs of Bosnia-Herzegovina. And don’t confuse a lack of popularity with a lack of quality; Capital cities like Sarajevo and Pristina carry both modern amenities and unique vibes. And while the more rural areas in Greece and the Balkans may not have the same stroller friendly building design as more frequented destinations, it’s more than made up for by the local culture surrounding children. When visiting Greece with kids, you’ll find that your hosts will be ready and eager to make sure that the whole family is taken care of.

The beauty of the outdoors can be appreciated by kids and adults alike and the Balkan region of Southeastern Europe is full of sights to take in. The only problem is choosing where to go first! Besides its picturesque natural views, the man-made constructions are just as impressive. Seeing the Acropolis with kids is doable, even if the area isn’t entirely stroller accessible. The walk is easily done and those who complete it are rewarded with a close look at the ancient Parthenon, and a stunning panoramic view of central Athens. Plenty of cafes and street food stands are nearby and offer a delicious bite to eat after the walk up and down the hill. Traditional foods like souvlaki and fresh seafood are abundant, but there are often more continental options for kids.

However, for all of Greece’s wonderful qualities, it is still a major tourist destination and visiting historical monuments like Delphi or the palace of Knossos with kids could be a little aggravating dealing with the crowds. Luckily, Greece borders a region of underappreciated wonders. Travelling up the coast of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas takes one through Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Slovenia. Their natural attractions are plentiful and a must-see for travelers. Kids love the cave tours and ancient castles of Slovenia, and the spectacular mountaintops and bays of Bosnia and Montenegro.

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