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Welcome To The Land Of Fire And IceThings To Do In Reykjavik With Kids

Calling all nature lovers! Reykjavik is the perfect place to travel to in search of adventure and to enjoy the outdoors with your kids. Its breathtaking natural beauty, small city center, and friendly locals make this destination extremely welcoming to children. Reykjavik with kids is more doable than you thought!

Top 5 Things To Do In & Around Reykjavik With Toddlers

Swimming in the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik Iceland
Swim and splash in one of the thermal pools, like the famous Blue Lagoon, no matter the weather
Viking boat
Learn about Viking times at the Viking World museum just outside Keflavik airport
Typical Icelandic food
Expand your palate and enjoy delicious Icelandic food, like brunch at Kaffihus Vesturbaejar
Whale watching in Iceland
See whales and puffins on a boat trip by one of the many local highly-rated tour companies
Beautiful landscape with volcanoes along Iceland's Golden Circle
Be swept away by nature’s beauty by stopping at sights all along the Golden Circle

Bébé's Top Reykjavik Hotels For Traveling Families

Why Bébé Voyage Loves Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland may not seem like someplace that would be exceedingly child-friendly at first or at the top of many people’s destination bucket lists with small children, but it’s one of the best places to travel to as a family. Reykjavik is one of the greenest and safest cities in the world, and Iceland is by far one of the most unique landscapes you’ll ever encounter. It’s the perfect place to explore, spend time together as a family and reconnect with nature.

We love Reykjavik’s small population, friendly people, and breathtaking natural beauty. The compact city centre makes it easy to push a stroller and get around on foot. Take a drive if you can; see the rugged coastlines, black sand beaches, volcanoes, glaciers, wildlife, hot springs, and the quaint local shops and restaurants. Icelanders have electricity and renewable energy thanks to the largest geothermal heating system in the world from their lands volcanoes. It’s no secret that being green means being beautiful, and Iceland is proof of that.

Do not be surprised to see as many tourists as you do locals. But with our advice, and the help of our family-friendly guidebook, you will be seeing and doing things like the locals do, so you’re sure to have many unspoiled moments. Everyone is so accommodating to bébé too! You’ll see high chairs in nearly every café and babies sleeping outside in their prams. There is so much to enjoy in Reykjavik with kids.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see a beautiful landscape, an incredibly clean cite centre, friendly people, and a positive attitude towards small children. It’s easy to get around on foot and there are plenty of family-friendly places to eat and play. Cute playgrounds and childrens shops dot the city centre of Reykjavik. If you rent a car, it’s easy to drive to the breathtaking sights nearby, along the Golden Circle, and even to the black sand beaches further West. Iceland has a small population but offers so much to see and do as a family.

Take a ferry ride to a car-free island where the kids can roam free, stroll around with the pram downtown Reykjavik, whale and puffin-watch, expand your palate with delicious Icelandic food, and hike to places unseen before. Depending on the age and ability of your children, put on thick wetsuits and swim between two continents. The water around Iceland is cold, clear, and offers spectacular views of the marine life. Want to see the inside of a volcano? Descend through a dormant volcano and check out the colors on the crater walls. The kids will never forget this crazy adventure. Take a half-day horseback riding tour. Icelandic horses are small yet tough, and these adorable pony-like horses are sure to steal everyone’s hearts. Depending on the time of year, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights as they dance across the sky. Reykjavik and the surrounding area has so much to offer, you’ll be planning a second trip to family-friendly Iceland before you’re even done with the first!

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