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Welcome To The Land Of Cheese And BicyclesThings To Do In The Netherlands With Kids

With picturesque towns, hundreds of miles of cycle paths and white sandy beaches, The Netherlands has much to offer as a family destination. Beyond the cookie cutter houses of Amsterdam lie the charming historical towns of Leiden, Delft, Haarlem and Gouda just waiting to be discovered, and with a reliable train service exploring the Netherlands with kids is easy.

Top Things To Do In The Netherlands With Toddlers

Mom bking with kids in a trailer in Vondelpark Amsterdam
Visit Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Hire bikes to explore the huge park, splash in the paddling pools, then BBQ under a tree.
Mother and child on beach at Texel Island in the Netherlands
Spend the weekend on Texel Island. It’s a secluded island and a walkers’ and cyclists’ paradise. Pancake houses and long sandy beaches make it a must-do with young children.
Talking tree in efteling theme park in the netherlands
Visit Efteling theme park. There is plenty to do for younger and older kids alike: fairy tales and rollercoasters.
Dutch countryside with windmill and tulips
Do a cycle tour in the countryside, stopping at a pannekoekhuis (pancake house) along the way. Order poffertjies and chocomel.
Pop up restaurant on Dutch beach
Spend a day on any of the wonderful beaches between Amsterdam and The Hague with pop-up restaurants and a wonderful atmosphere.

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Find out what a lovely weekend day in the life of a mom in Amsterdam is like, get reviews and insider tips on what to do in the Netherlands with kids.

Why Bébé Voyage Loves Holland With Kids

When most families think of visiting The Netherlands, they think of roaming Amsterdam with a baby amidst the canals, charming architecture and tolerant attitude. But did you know that The Netherlands is a wonderful destination for an outdoorsy, child-friendly holiday? The Dutch love to be active, they cycle everywhere and as such there are hundreds of miles of dedicated cycle paths all across Holland. Cyclists have right of way, even over pedestrians, so why not hire some bikes and ride around the Netherlands with kids! Scheveningen, near The Hague, is a popular beach resort, and with long white sandy beaches it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for a beach closer to Amsterdam, Zandfoort’s 9 kilometer stretch is the perfect choice. Your kids will love splashing in the shallows and digging for crabs. There are many wonderful towns to visit: hire a canal boat in Leiden, eat ice cream in the Grote Markt in historical Delft, visit Gouda and taste its famous cheese, and if you happen to be visiting in April or May, immerse yourself in the tulip fields. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen!

The Netherlands with a baby is an easy destination. It’s an incredibly safe country with excellent public transport so getting around is simple. English is spoken widely so don’t worry about a language barrier. Children are welcome everywhere and most restaurants have baby changing facilities and high chairs. There are some fantastic parks to explore in Amsterdam with kids providing hours of entertainment, and the Rotterdam Zoo is a big hit.

The Netherlands offers many exciting outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking in the dunes, white sandy beaches, and lovely forests to explore. There are numerous adventure parks with water slides that are very popular during the summer months. The key is to go beyond Amsterdam to experience other towns where you will find beautiful architecture, interesting history and a much more laid back vibe. Leiden, Delft and Haarlem are less than an hour by train from Amsterdam.

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