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Flying with a baby doesn’t have to be stressful. Learn from the experts. Bébé Voyage brings you its collectively sourced knowledge and practical advice on traveling with an infant, toddlers and small children. Alleviate the stress of traveling with little ones by learning from our community of globetrotting parents.

Flying with a baby doesn’t have to be stressful. Learn from the experts.

Jet Lag

How to handle baby jet lag and keep your little one on a sleep schedule when traveling across time zones. Advice from a sleep coach and insights from experienced bébé voyageurs.

Medical Advice

Useful information on how to handle health issues and medical emergencies when traveling domestically and abroad. Recommendations from pediatricians and other health professionals.

Flying with a Baby

How to get through the airport, what family-friendly amenities are available at airports, community members’ experiences with specific airlines, managing airplane car seat, dealing with airline liquid restrictions and more.

Baby Travel Checklists

Bébé Voyage has your next trip covered with a packing list for every situation and every destination. Our comprehensive packing lists make it easier than ever to prepare for your next trip with your baby.

Entertaining Baby on Board

Tips for flying with a toddler, keeping your little one cheerfully entertained, no matter how long the trip. Games, books, toys and more to keep you and your child happy… with or without screens.

Packing and Travel Hacks

Get the most out of your trip, from efficient packing to maximize your frequent flyer miles. Everything you need to know to maximize your travels with your little adventurer in tow.

Staying Zen while Traveling with Kids

Having a child is very stressful, as is traveling. Both combined can be taxing for just about anyway. We bring you expert advice and community tips to help you stay on top of the mind game and keep ahead of the stress.

Big Adventures with Little Ones

Not only do we want you to keep on traveling (or take up traveling) once you have a baby, but we want to show you that you can even go on those big adventures with a baby.

Responsible Travel with Kids

Bébé Voyage bring to you information on social, economic, environmental issues and more which are of interest to traveling families.

Bébé Voyage Introduces Traveling With Toddlers

  • Hotel Reviews

  • Airport Maps

  • Kid-friendly Restaurants

  • Local PhraseBook

  • Hotel Reviews

  • Airport Maps

  • Kid-friendly Restaurants

  • Local PhraseBook

Bébé Voyage is a community of globetrotting parents providing collectively-sourced, local knowledge and practical advice on traveling with your baby. Our purpose is to empower children to be curious, open-minded, global citizens and lifelong travelers by exposing them to new cultures and experiences to build a better, more peaceful world for all. Building a community where globetrotting parents can share and support each other through their travel experiences while promoting authentic, family-friendly experiences within the travel industry is our mission.

This is why we bring to you not only the tips and tricks from the Bébé Voyage founders and our experienced team, but also from our Club Bébé Voyage community members as well as our trusted partners.

mom and baby hiking in italian dolomites
Traveling mom Dimity Palmer-Smith and her baby in the Italian Dolomites

We know that every family and every child is unique. What might have worked in one situation might not be best adapted for another. That is why we celebrate the diversity of and share with you the experience of various voices within our community. Club Bébé Voyage members have diverse cultural backgrounds and literally live all over the world… and yet we are all human. So you may well find that someone who lives halfway around the world from you offers a more fruitful insight than your neighbor. Bébé Voyage is here to federate the tribe of globetrotting parents.

baby in bassinet on plane
Courtney Nagel Sandler's baby loving the bassinet!

Co-founder Marianne got the idea for Bébé Voyage because her friends saw her traveling with an infant (a lot!) and kept asking her for advice. When she teamed up with Juliet and the latter recommended that they focus on building a community, it just made sense. They quickly saw how valuable having multiple voices and experiences was of tremendous value to all the participants.

Marianne likes to tell the story of how she often gets asked for advice on Baby Jet Lag… because her son (and now her) basically adjust to a new time zone within 24 hours. When people ask her how she does it, her reply is that as her son is so well sleep trained that his circadian rhythm immediately syncs to the new time zone.

And she just follows his lead and naps when he naps, eats when he eats and goes to bed when he does. But she realizes that this is basically useless advice to anyone else because she knows that her son is an exceptional sleeper. That’s why when we pulled together the article on Baby Jet Lag it was important to include more than just Marianne’s experience.

Whether it’s advice on baby jet lag, flying with a baby, medical questions or other family travel questions, Bébé Voyage always brings forward the collective wisdom of the community. This also holds true for our baby travel gear recommendations and our travel guides.  We hope that you’ll be able to find someone from the community whose situation matches yours pretty closely and that their experience and travel tips will be useful to you!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, try using the search bar at the top of the page with key terms.  You can always post your question in Club Bébé Voyage. And you are also welcome to contact Team Bébé Voyage directly.

baby with pink beanie
Amanda Noleau's cute traveling baby

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