Our Future is Green – Our Reaction to the US Withdrawal of the Paris Climate Agreement


The greatest gift we can give to our children is the world.

our future is green
But what happens when our leaders think global issues are merely political battles to be won?
It was heartbreaking last week to see the U.S. government withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreements — a deal that took a great deal of international cooperation to create (and where the U.S. had played a leading role in developing).
Seeing the world come together to find a solution towards one common problem that will impact us all was a moment of victory. And to see it all come tumbling down was devastating.
As a parent, I cannot fathom that we would be willing to risk our children’s future by destroying the one habitable planet we have found. Some say climate change is a hoax; well even if it is, for the sake of our children and their children, why take the risk? We have no other planet to go live on; our children are counting on us to preserve this one.
We here at Bébé Voyage love to travel our planet and explore its wonders with our children. We are heartbroken at the possibility of our children not growing up in the glorious world we have always known. How selfish could we be?
Please stand with us and join our campaign by tagging your pictures of babies in nature using #ourfutureisgreen

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