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Bébé Voyage is a community of globetrotting parents providing collectively-sourced, local knowledge and practical advice on traveling with your baby. We believe in empowering children to be curious, open-minded, global citizens and lifelong travelers by exposing them to new cultures and experiences to build a better, more peaceful world for all.

13,000+ Parents Like You Give Advice On How To Travel With Your Baby!

Bébé Voyage started out and still is, at its heart, a worldwide community of parents supporting each other through family travel. Look. We all love the idea of traveling, but a lot of parents think twice about traveling when they have young children. We get it, airports and airlines tend to not do much to make the experience easier on us. On top of it, we love traveling abroad, but with our baby? That might all seem a bit daunting, at first. This is why our community is so valuable. We are now over 13,000 parents who travel and live all over the world who will support you through your next voyage with bébé!

Club Bébé Voyage

The cornerstone of Bébé Voyage is our community of globetrotting parents who are literally all over the world. Within its first 3 years, it has grown to over 10,000 members who trade resources, tips and (mis)adventures to ease and enrich their family travel experiences.

Day in the Life Series

Find out what a typical day is like for a family with young children in places around the world. Discover how Bébé Voyage members are raising open-minded, global citizens and fostering a sense of curiosity at home! Get a taste for what life is like in different parts of the globe.

Bébé Voyage Trails

Built by members of our community, Bébé Voyage Trails self-guided walking tours which you can follow along on a map. They give you suggestions for what you can realistically do in a day when traveling with a baby, help you discover hidden gems and experience a city like a local.

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Not only do we love connecting with traveling families, but we also want collaborate with others in the family travel space.

About Bébé Voyage

Bébé Voyage is a community started by two moms where globetrotting parents can share and support each other through their travel experiences, while promoting authentic, family-friendly experiences within the family travel industry.

Bébé Voyage is building an app!

Bébé Voyage is on a mission to make family travel a whole lot easier. By connecting parents from all over the world, the app will give families personalized travel info from moms and dads who know.

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Please join our growing community of globetrotting parents. We are excited to be a part of your next traveling adventure! Connect with other families, get expert advice, private group access.


Bébé Voyage has appeared in various news outlets including The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Growing Your Baby and Travel Pulse. We welcome requests for interviews and have a media kit available.

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We welcome guest contributions if the content is authentic and relevant to parents traveling with small children. Ideally it includes a powerful personal anecdote and/or a great lesson or takeaway.

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Bébé Voyage works with brands that align with our core values (Curiosity, Authenticity, Fun, Community, and Peace) and who have something of value to offer our community of globetrotting parents. Find out more about the brands we work with and becoming a brand partner.

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A Community of Traveling Parents Here to Support You Through Your Travels with Baby

Bébé Voyage would not be where it is today without its community of globetrotting parents. When in early 2015 Marianne first asked Juliet if she wanted to write a book to help parents who travel with babies, Juliet liked the idea of providing resources for this underserved group of people but insisted that they start an online community.

So Marianne and Juliet put together a list of 120 friends and acquaintances who had babies and who they assumed traveled or wanted to travel with them. Before inviting everyone into the Facebook group, they brainstormed a list of “conversation starters”:

  • What are your top tips for flying with a baby?
  • What’s the best baby carrier for getting through the airport?
  • Is there a travel crib small enough to fit in your luggage?
  • What’s the deal with carry-on liquids for babies (like formula, milk, medicine, etc.)?

But they never had a chance to use a single one of their conversation starters because the dialogue just took off. From the get-go, parents started asking questions, trading tips and most importantly offering each other support through their travels. 

baby in procida italy
Daughters of Kristy Caruso, a traveling mom, in Procida on the Amalfi Coast of Italy

Not only that, but they were requesting information and getting relevant responses about issues that had never occurred to Marianne and Juliet or that they simply didn’t know anything about.

mom and baby at colchuck lake washington
Tavia from BIg Brave Nomad and her baby at Colchuck Lake in Washington
baby in jerusalem
Jules Stephan from Shades of Courage captures her baby in Jerusalem

Another pleasant surprise was the level of genuine support and kindness that exists within Club Bébé Voyage. They had seen online parenting communities get nasty because of people who were self-righteous about the “right” way to raise children. And with a community which is intentionally global, multicultural and multilingual, the potential for misunderstandings and differences of opinion are great. Even when heated topics come up, like vaccines or (not using) a travel car seat, the attitude is one of respect and curiosity.

toddler swimming in pool in baby-in-cuernavaca-mexico
Lorena Colin's bebe wimming in pool in Cuernavaca Mexico

Participants have responded along the lines of “This is what the norm is in my country/ culture/ family, but I understand that things are different elsewhere. What is it like for you?”

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Bébé Voyage Club Members Since 2015

In 4 years, with now over 13,500 people in the group, the fact that we can count on our fingers how many times we’ve had to intervene because the conversation got too heated or became inappropriate speaks volumes for the true sense of community we’ve created for parents who travel with kids.

The fact that participants repeatedly tell us this is one of their favorite groups and report back that they found the tips for traveling with kids helpful keeps us energized about Bébé Voyage.

Because the Club Bébé Voyage participants have been so eager to share their experiences about traveling with a baby, our website is an opportunity for our most enthusiastic fans to engage even more. Some have stepped up as ambassadors and contributed extensively to our travel guides. Others have built a Bébé Voyage Trail to show off their city in a family-friendly way. Many have contributed articles for the blog with topics ranging from baby jet lag to the best strollers for air travel.

We are so grateful that we are succeeding in helping parents take the first steps towards flying with a baby and everything beyond! Most importantly, we are most proud of having fostered a worldwide community of parents all on a mission to raise a generation of curious and open-minded little travelers.  

Bébé Voyage Introduces Traveling With Toddlers

  • Hotel Reviews

  • Airport Maps

  • Kid-friendly Restaurants

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  • Hotel Reviews

  • Airport Maps

  • Kid-friendly Restaurants

  • Local PhraseBook


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