Goodbye 2018 — 2019, let’s do this! A year in review at Bébé Voyage


Dear curious traveling families, far and wide,

2018 was a year of tremendous growth for Bébé Voyage. In the course of the year, Bébé Voyage and our growing, highly engaged community of 12,000 parents around the world has asserted itself as a force in the family travel industry, while laying down the foundations for a platform to connect parents and their travel experiences like never before.

Here’s a look at how Bébé Voyage has grown in 2018:

January 2018:

Marianne and Juliet launch a crowdfunding campaign with their community and their family and friends to build and app.


March 2018:

Through the crowd-funding campaign, Marianne and Juliet connect with Lucie Leblois, head of Crumbdrop. With the funds raised, we are able to join forces to create Bébé Voyage Trails, geo-tagged, image-rich trails in cities around the world that you can realistically do with your family in a day.

April – September 2018:

Bébé Voyage listens closely to what our members are saying and what type of information they are looking for. We heard that you wanted a website that is easier to navigate with key information at your fingertips. We cleaned up the navigation, made the site more user friendly and updated the visuals to include more photos of our community members and their children exploring the world.

Club Bébé Voyage reaches 10,000 members around the world!

October 2018:

Bébé Voyage launches the new website and the trails.

introducing family friend trails bebe voyage

Juliet becomes an ambassador for BabyZen Yoyo.

Moms in front of the London Eye with strollers

Juliet in London with ambassador Kat Hahn. Both sporting their BabyZen Yoyo strollers.

Marianne and Juliet meet up in Paris and celebrate the Bébé Voyage revamp and new direction.

Cocktails at the Louvre cheers

November 2018:

Bébé Voyage partners with It Takes a Village a campaign run by Health Poverty Action to unite parents with a shared goal – to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.


December 2018:

Bébé Voyage ended the year on a high note as we built relationships with companies that create products that meet the needs of traveling families and were able to secure several discounts and giveaways for you! We are looking forward to working with like-minded product and brands that help families who love to explore and travel the world, near and far.

Perhaps most exciting are the 2019 plans to take the trails to the next level and build an app for all parents to build out their family journeys and share them. Whether you are a family who takes advantage of weekends to explore your surroundings with shorter excursions or you are planning a trip to an exotic new destination, Bébé Voyage trails will allow you to experience the destination like a local.

chinese baby in rural chinese home

Baby in rural China submitted by a Club Bebe Voyage member

As we continue to grow Bébé Voyage, one thing that continues to astound us is the sheer force of our community, Club Bébé Voyage. While we endeavor to build the platform, our highly engaged community has always been and will continue to be the heart and soul of Bébé Voyage.

Parents from around the world join our friendly community because they are looking for the best travel stroller, for advice on a specific location, or perhaps seeking out specific information about an airport. What we’ve found time and time again is that once our members have joined Club Bébé Voyage and have received the knowledge they were seeking, they always give back. Members who were at first nervous and shy about asking questions turn into experts and in turn support a newbie parent looking for the same support they once did. Indeed, whether it be by responding to others questions, contributing a trail, a blog post, donating to a crowd-funding campaign, helping organize a playdate or volunteer with Bébé Voyage, the generosity of our members never seizes to amaze us.

Whether you have joined because you are about to embark on your first trip traveling with your baby, or you are already a travel-with-baby expert and are simply looking for your tribe, Club Bébé Voyage has always been a global village – one where no matter where you find yourself in the world, a fellow parent can lend some support.

As Bébé Voyage continues to develop, we will make sure that we lean into and respond to the needs of our community. It’s our community who has brought us where we are today and our community that will continue to be at the center of everything we do.

Thank you!

2019, let’s do this!

Peace & Love,

Juliet & Marianne


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