Hidden Gems: Family-Friendly Nature Reserve

Hidden Gems: Family-Friendly Nature Reserve

by Suzy McCullough

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explore nature with kids

This weeks hidden gem is a nature reserve that’s most exciting to visit in autumn. It’s perfect for the kids to wander around and parents will enjoy the scenery. This gem is located on the Lincolnshire coast in the UK…

Any guesses where we are headed??

The list of reasons we travel with our children is infinite, but for many of us, it would all come back to the destination itself and the memories we create there. While we are busy exploring, broadening our horizons and diversifying our world views, sometimes we stumble upon completely wonderful and equally unexpected places.

These are our hidden gems… the places we soak up and yearn to go back to.

Our Hidden Gems series will uncover one-of-a-kind places discovered by our readers while traveling or exploring their own city. Whether it’s a beach, park, cafe, family-friendly hotel, hiking trail or other, enjoy these best kept secrets and be sure to add them to your list of places to go!

Donna Nook Nature Reserve

Location: Donna Nook Nature Reserve (Lincolnshire coast), Louth, UK

Discovered by: Suzy McCullough who decided to take her child here after hearing about it through word-of-mouth from other parents.

Why We Love It: Every autumn and winter, usually late-October through December, grey seals come to the nature reserve in masses to give birth to their pups near the sand dunes. It’s a wildlife spectacle that attracts visitors from across the UK.

Why It’s Kid-Friendly: Children can observe the seals and check out the seal pups at close range while being safely protected behind a fence. It’s a long flat path and they can easily see through the fence.

Tips & Important Details: Visit on a weekday, if possible, to avoid long waits in the parking queue during weekends. The car park is free for visitors to Donna Nook, but it gets busy. If you have binoculars or a zoom lens camera, don’t leave them at home, bring them! The nature reserve isn’t very stroller-friendly, but the walk from the car park to the seals isn’t very far. I recommend visiting mid- or late-November when the majority of the seal pups have been born. There are seals everywhere from early November until early January.

Donna Nook Nature Reserve

Cost: FREE!

Kids are always hungry! Know anywhere to eat nearby?: Sometimes there is a vendor selling hot drinks near the car park. There are also a couple of local pubs in the area.

We are continually adding to our list of Hidden Gems, so, if you have a favorite secret spot that we need to know about, please fill out our form and it will be written about for the Bébé Voyage community.

And be sure to let us know how your trip goes if you’re able to make it to this secret location! We love to see where our members go and hear about new and exciting places to travel with bébé. Use the hashtag #bebevoyage on any social media to share your trips or tips with us too. Happy travels!

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About Suzy: She is mum to a four year old boy and they live in Lincolnshire, UK. Her dream travel destination as a family is Florida! You can follow her blog at  http://ourbucketlistlives.co.uk/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/OurBucketListLives/. Thanks for sharing your gem with us!

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