How to Keep Kids Cool on Roadtrips: Noggle — Gear Review & Discount Code


Summer road trips are right around the corner. A hot topic in the Club Bébé Voyage group is how to keep kids cool in the backseat during long road trips.  The Noggle, a product that comes up quite frequently in our community, connects to your air vent allowing you to send cool air to the backseat, including into rear facing car seats.

Bébé Voyage’s media relations manager, Kelly, lives in Doha, Qatar and knows all about hot cars. Here is what she has to say about this game changing device.

how to keep kids cool on roadtrip

The Noggle is an amazing little device that helps keep your kids cooler in the hot summer months. I stumbled across the Noggle when my son was about 6 months old and I was desperate to find something that would keep him cool during the extreme heat that we receive here in the Middle East. At the time we had a Jeep Wrangler, which does not have A/C vents in the back seats and he was rear facing. Even on quick trips that lasted no more than 10 mins, he would be a sweaty mess when I pulled him out of the seat. It wasn’t only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. The moment we installed the fun looking snake-like device, I knew we had found a keeper!

how to keep kids cool on roadtrip

Even if your car has vents in the back, The Noggle is great because it gets the cool airflow direct to your child. Especially if they are rear-facing as it usually takes awhile for the car to cool down even with the extra vents. The older kids can hold it if they want to while for the young ones you can just wrap it around the seats in the car. They also come in three sizes depending on if your child is rear facing or forward facing and which row they sit in, plus a ton of cool colors and designs!
how to keep kids cool on roadtrip
The best part is The Noggle has been given the green light by the CPSIA as well as deemed safe by CSFTL’s which is a community driven organization staffed by American Child passenger Safety Technicians and Canadian Child Safety Technicians.
how to keep kids cool on roadtrip
Noggle is extending a 10% discount to Bébé Voyage readers through May 31st, 2017 who purchase from the Noggle webpage.  (code: bebevoyage)
Noggle and Bébé Voyage would love to see your Noggle in use using #bbvgearguide on Instagram and Twitter.

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