MAMMAWAY Freeze It Flat ™ Review

MAMMAWAY Freeze It Flat ™ Review

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Freeze It Flat

Bébé Voyage Mom Megan Lawless reviews MAMMAWAY’s Freeze It Flat ™ breastmilk storage tool for the community. 

Bébé Voyage Rating: 8/10

What Bébé and Mommy did or did not love:

I was pretty skeptical about this product. I didn’t think that the Freeze It Flat ™ would improve my current process for freezing milk. However, after the first use, I can really see how using the product will save space and freeze my milk more securely.

I also loved that I could put the Freeze It Flat ™ in my freezer in any position, and it would still freeze my milk flat.

MAMMAWAY Freeze it FlatIs the product easy to use/convenient?

The product is definitely easy to use. I keep it with my breastmilk bags for convenience. I did notice that when I froze one bag with a small amount of milk in it, the elastic straps weren’t very snug. This didn’t seem to impact the performance but could be an issue for breastfeeding moms with low milk supply or those who prefer to freeze small quantities.

Does Freeze It Flat ™ resolve a current pain point and if so how well?

Normally I would have to rearrange my freezer in order to make room on the floor of my freezer for my breast milk bags. Sometimes other people in my house would then move the bags and they’d get lost in the freezer. This may be a bigger benefit to me over the flat frozen milk storage.
MAMMAWAY Freeze It Flat in Megans freezer

How safe is the product?

I don’t see any safety concerns with this product.

Do you like the way the product is designed?

Yes, it’s easy to use and does the job. It’s not the prettiest product, but it doesn’t need to be.

Value for Money:

The Freeze It Flat ™ is priced at $14.00 for a single and $24.00 for a double. This pricing seems right to me.

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