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Toronto, Vancouver, Amsterdam

Favorite Family Travel Destinations

We are partial to the Netherlands, there is a lot to explore outside of Amsterdam!  From museums, beaches, or small villages with loads of history, it is a very relaxing vacation.  The proximity to other countries is also great if you want to see a lot of Europe by car or rail!

We did a mega road trip starting in Amsterdam, went through Belgium and into France.  We got to visit the Canadian War Memorial at Vimy Ridge, run in the vineyards in Champagne and Bourgogne, and explore Brugge and its French Fry Museum!

Bucket List

We have lots!

– German Castles along the Rhine

– Switzerland

– Sicily

– Puglia

– San Sabastian and Rioja

– The Algarve in Portugal

– Maldives

– Hawai’i

Quick & Easy Diaper Change Locations

In Canada, almost every place you go to will have a changing table and is wheelchair accessible.

In Vancouver, one of my favorite family spots, which is more a nostalgic thing is the White Spot Restaurant.  A burger place, which used to have carhop service which was fun to go to growing up.

In Toronto, lots of restaurants will cater to kids, but in the downtown core I would suggest Jack Astors.  The local little borough we have a great pizza restaurant that is great for young families and all ingredients are sourced locally.  They even do make your own pizza kits to take home!  850 Pizza is a neighbourhood favorite for sure and is right on the public street car!

Top Local Foods To Try

Poutine!! While this is mostly a popular ‘junk’ food in Quebec, the rest of Canada all make versions of it.  French Fries, Gravy and Cheese Curds.

West Coast Salmon.  Notice I said West?  The Salmon differs in color and taste depending on what coast you are on.  If you are on the West Coast, look to try Pacific Coho Salmon or even Candied Salmon for a treat.

If you are traveling during our summer months, there is plenty of fresh fruit such as Strawberries, Blueberries, and Peaches.  In the fall Ontario is especially known for its Apples.

Favorite Supermarkets

Loblaws/Real Canadian Superstore is the largest chain supermarket and they will have everything from ready to eat meals to the regular grocery staples.

Whole Foods – lots of Organic choices, also has ready to go meals, large salad bar and hot meals to go.

Farm Boy – located in the Toronto/Hamilton/Ottawa areas its a less expensive version of Whole Foods but focuses on locally sourced quality ingredients for the house brand staples.

Pharmacy Of Choice

Shoppers Drug Mart – in the larger cities this is open 24 hours in some locations.  You can get over the counter medications and other staples.  They even have a small grocery section.

Favorite baby food brand

PC (Presidents Choice)

In Case Of Emergency

911 – emergency services for Police/Fire/Ambulance


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