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What Our Family is Like

We are Elizabeth, Cory, and Finch (3). We’re a travel-loving bunch (I mean, kind of goes without saying in this group!). We were both Peace Corps Volunteers in Africa in the early 2000s–Cory was in Kenya and I was in Malawi. We didn’t meet until several years after returning to the U.S. from our service when we were both living in Baltimore, but it bonded us immediately. Of course, we had to do a test trip to visit our PC countries in 2013 just to make sure we were the ones for each other. Spoiler alert: we passed the test! It was quite a whirlwind where we (regrettably in retrospect) fit both countries into two really short weeks. Since then, especially now that we have a kiddo, we’ve stuck to places where we don’t have to spend two days in bumpy transport to get to our final destination. Since Finch has arrived, we’ve taken at least one bigger trip a year. Since he turned 2, those big trips have been by car and we’ve discovered we have a road-trip lover. And we live in an incredible place for road trips! We love the outdoors, but admittedly, we’re more fairweather outdoors people and are definitely city-folk. We are obsessed with coffee, we love good food, and good beer (and good wine and whiskey in my case)–many of our trips usually revolve around those things with everything else as bonuses. We love walking around a new city and finding off-the-beaten paths. I am a writer and have worked in higher education working in experiential education, social justice, global education, and community engagement. Cory is a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist). Finch is a lover of jumping (seriously, the kid is a very good jumper), running, building planes with legos, being outside (even if it’s raining because he is a true Portland kid), music and playing the drums (his favorite band is Wilco and his favorite musician is Wilco’s drummer, Glenn Kotche…I am not making this up, ha!).

Quick & Easy Diaper Change Locations

Honestly, we don’t go to too many chains as most restaurants in Portland are pretty family-friendly with changing tables and such. We’ve rarely, if ever, had a problem finding a place to change the kiddo when we’re out. However, a couple of places that are very family-friendly that have multiple locations include these: Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) – This is a great local place generally because the food is pretty good and the beer is very good. But it is also very well-known for being extremely kid-friendly with both indoor and outdoor play areas for kids. McMenamins – This is a regional chain which are worth checking if only for the atmosphere because the eclectic, eccentric stylings are really quite amazing. Most McMenamins are repurposed spaces such as an old school and an old chapel. The food and beer are decent, it’s the environment that’s worth going there for. Our favorite is McMenamins Kennedy School–it has a hotel, a restaurant, multiple bars, a theater, AND they have a soaking pool!

Bébé Friendly Parks & Playgrounds

8149, 8147, 8144

Favorite Supermarkets

New Seasons — it’s a local chain that specializes in organic and health foods but also has the basics for everything. They have really good prepared foods, too.

Bébé Friendly Indoor Activity Recommendations


In Case Of Emergency

Zoom+Care ( They have urgent care clinics all over the city and it’s easy to make appointments through their app Randall Children’s Urgent Care – Legacy Health Walk-ins welcome, or schedule by phone or online. 503-672-6050 2870 S.W. Cedar Hills Blvd. Beaverton, OR 97005 OHSU Doernbecher Pediatric Emergency 3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Rd. Portland, OR 97239 503-494-7551

Must Do Activities

Get outside! Portland is a unique city because there’s a seamlessness between the nature and city. Also, drink coffee in as many local coffeeshops as you possibly can. There’s so much good coffee here, it’s a place to really go wild.

When To Visit

Late Spring through Fall. If you’re not one for gloomy weather, summer is the best, but spring and fall are also really lovely where you’ll see colors from spring blooms to fall foliage. And often you’ll get several seasons in one day in the spring and fall, so it’s not all gloom then. Generally, Portland weather is pretty mild and rarely snows, but winter can be more consistently gray and rainy.

What To Avoid

Honestly, avoid the big chains if you can. Local food, local coffee, local shopping are all a part of what makes Portland tick and what makes it an amazing place to visit. So dive in by going local as much as you can!

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Elizabeth Doerr (she/her/hers) is BBV Social Justice and Sustainability Editor. She’s also a freelance writer and social justice and community engagement professional based in Portland, OR (also the ancestral land of the Clackamas and Cowlitz people). Her work has been published in CityLab, Portland Monthly, and Baltimore City Paper among other publications. You can learn more about Elizabeth at

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