Merry Everything From Team Bébé Voyage!


We are so blessed at Bébé Voyage to have the most amazing team of parents working with us. Team Bebe Voyage is spread out across the world. These ladies work arduously at all times of the day (and night!) to make our vision a reality. They have been such an inspiration to us. I have no idea how they fit being a parent, a volunteer job, and their various side jobs into their lives, but they do. Their passion for raising their kids to be lifelong travelers and global citizens is what keeps us going in the most challenging times.

It’s amazing to see everyone together on this card, as most of us have never met! But I wanted to take this time on behalf of Marianne and me to say “THANK YOU for everything team! We can say with certainty that we would not be where we are now without you.”

Wishing you and everyone reading this post a very joyous holiday season. May the spirit of the new year bring you hope for new beginnings and peace.

Speaking of the new year, if you haven’t seen our video announcing our new beginnings, please watch!

Happy Holidays, friends, far and wide!


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