MiaMily Baby Carrier Review

MiaMily Baby Carrier Review

by Kelsey Heiner

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baby in the MiaMily

Bebe Voyage Rating: 9/10


The MiaMily 3D Hipster Smart is the baby carrier we never knew we needed. We put it to the test with a 3-week international trip and it did not disappoint. The hip seat and multiple storage options are features we now cannot live without. Warm climate folks, you may need to look elsewhere for a carrier with better ventilation for mommy and daddy.

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What bebe loved (or not):

The built-in hip seat is a great feature. Our baby seems more comfortable in this carrier than in others. His hips and legs are always in an ergonomic position without us having to adjust anything– big plus! The head cover is very useful and provides our baby with protection from the sun and wind.

What mommy and daddy loved:

Mommy & daddy loved all of the storage options. We often baby wear when we need or want our hands free. Before this baby carrier, we always ran into the issue of wondering where to put our phone, keys, extra diaper, sunscreen, etc. The MiaMily 3D baby carrier solves this problem with the large storage space, water bottle holder, secret credit card pocket, extendable key ring, hidden pocket for storage, and toy pacifier loop.

In terms of comfort, the seat absorbs much of our baby’s weight making it more comfortable to wear our baby for longer periods of time. The high waist belt is especially comfortable and prevents our clothing from riding up.

Daddy holding baby in the MiaMily baby carrierWhat mommy and daddy did not love:

Mommy & daddy both overheated while using this baby carrier, I should note, this was during peak summer temperatures. There is a removable layer for ventilation. This feature significantly helps control the temperature for the baby, however, it does not do a great job of providing relief for the parent.

Is the product easy to use/convenient?

The initial setup took a few minutes but was overall easy. Once the initial setup was complete, it was easy to navigate between the different positions.
As with all baby carriers, it takes a few tries before feeling comfortable transferring the baby in and out without the help of another adult.

Does the product solve a current pain point and if so how well?

My husband and I often would avoid baby wearing, unless totally necessary, due to the lack of storage. This baby carrier solves that issue. As an admittedly heavy packer, I am able to fit everything we need, for a few hours, into the storage compartments of this carrier.

Another pain point with baby carriers is back pain! This carrier minimizes the discomfort for mommy and daddy thanks to the hip seat, high waistband, and ability to cross the shoulder straps.

daddy with the MiaMily Baby Carrier
How safe is the product?

The MiaMily 3D baby carrier seems to be extremely safe. The product is well made and sturdy. Our baby always feels secure in this carrier. He sat in the face out position as we hiked up a mountain and in the back position as we hiked down. Having this optionality was great.

Do you like the way the product is designed?

The overall product design is good. The fabric is a bit heavy which can lead to overheating for mommy and daddy (there is removable ventilation for the baby). The fabric is machine washable which is a big plus. Additionally, t
he carrier was easy to pack in our suitcase and fared well after being compressed during transport.

baby in the MiaMilyValue for your money:

The MiaMily 3D Hipster Smart baby carrier is more expensive than other baby carriers on the market. However, in my opinion, the extra cost is worth it since the baby will always be in an ergonomic position, there are many storage compartments, and there are added features to make this carrier more comfortable for mommy and daddy. This is a baby carrier that you will actually want to use, with one caveat… If you live in a very warm climate, you may want to find a carrier that provides more ventilation.

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