Micro Lazy Luggage – Fun For Toddlers, Easy For Parents!

Micro Lazy Luggage – Fun For Toddlers, Easy For Parents!

by Elizabeth Newcamp

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If you travel with little ones you know its always a balancing act keeping them close to you while also trying to pull your luggage through the airport. Micro Lazy Luggage is a professional looking carry-on bag with a fold-out seat that allows you to tote your toddler (20kg max) around with you. It looked like it could be an amazing product for traveling families, so we decided to take the Micro Lazy Luggage out for a test ride!

The carry-on consists of a hard case that seems resistant to most dings and bumps. The suitcase rolls on two wheels except when the toddler seat is extended, in which case it has an extra wheel to help support the weight.

You access your items through a zipper pouch under the seat. The pocket is layered such that there are actually two pockets. A tablet pocket sits up front, while another underneath can hold items you don’t need to access as easily. Be aware that Lazy Luggage is designed as a carry-on and as such only has room for a change of clothes and a few small items. We packed ours with just what was needed for the flight – change of clothing for the littles, books, toys, tablet and some diapers.

When you’re ready to convert the suitcase into a rolling seat you pull out the second set of wheels, turning it into a tripod. The wheels pull out easily and the suitcase rolls extremely smoothly, even with the tripod wheels extended.

The tripod also acts as a place for little ones to put their feet while you wheel them around. My five-year-old had to tuck his feet up to avoid me dragging them, but my three-year-old was able to sit comfortably.

My five-year-old enjoyed being able to ride on my suitcase. This is a great alternative to hauling a stroller though the airport, particularly now that some airlines/airports require you to check your stroller before security.

The Lazy Luggage worked well on cobblestones and is a professional looking alternative to ride on luggage that is kid themed.

Lazy Luggage does not have a hands-free option but does have a side-carry handle allowing you to lift it down stairs. I caution you that when you carry it this way your sidekick will be very unhappy they cannot ride it anymore.

Overall I think this is a great option for traveling families who want to avoid child-themed ride-ons. You could easily use this carry-on while moving around the city during your trip. It would be perfect for train travel where long platforms are an issue. Unlike other ride-ons it’s also nice that the child stays in your control and is not off on their own.

Micro offers a variety of innovative travel products including a folding wagon, a folding trike and a scooter suitcase for adults.

Micro-Step sent us a Lazy Luggage for review purposes. We did not keep this suitcase and all opinions are our own. 

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