Gear Review: Obersee Backpacks and Luggage for Kids

Gear Review: Obersee Backpacks and Luggage for Kids

by Elena Bentchev

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Obersee Backpacks and Luggage for Kids

I knew it was time for my very tall 4-year old to upgrade from his ride-and-pull-along case to kids luggage of his own. There are so many options when looking at luggage for kids. I discovered a rolling luggage and matching backpack in a space print from Obersee and had to try it out. I didn’t realize how long overdue this was, but my son absolutely loved having a kids luggage set. He was thrilled to pull along luggage of his own on our most recent weekend getaway to Chicago.

children's luggage



Both the backpack and the roller luggage have integrated cooler compartments on the front, which is genius! Since the luggage set is carry-on size, I can stash travel snacks into the insulated cooler compartments to keep him satisfied on flights or long drives.


children's luggage


The kids luggage and backpack are best-suited for around ages 3-6. Although he could have definitely pulled along the rolling suitcase sooner, he is just now the right size for the backpack when fully tightened. The luggage measures 16″ tall x 11″ wide x 8.5″ deep and was plenty of space for all his clothes and toys the 4 days we spent in Chicago. He took the backpack as well, stuffing it with his favorite teddies and toys to keep busy in the car. The backpack measures 14.5″ tall x 10″ wide x 5.5″ deep and is so cute that he excitedly wanted to carry it along to his first day at his new preschool when we returned from our trip! I love that the buckle strap across the chest keeps the shoulder straps in place.



After being dragged around by a toddler on a long weekend in the city, I’m pleased to report both the rolling luggage and the backpack set still look new. I specifically chose black to hold up against scuffs, scratches, or stains, but the material is proving to be very durable in itself. I love the inner pocket in the luggage to stash books and travel toiletries, and the clothing straps in the main compartment kept his items folded and neat. He kept his toddler cup in the drink pockets on the sides of the backpack and was a happy camper all weekend! Whether pulling the luggage around by the carrying handle or pull bar, he was able to roll and maneuver it himself quite easily, making him feel very grown up.
I’m looking forward to how efficient our future trips will be, thanks to my son’s new luggage and backpack set from Obersee! Check out their products and find your favorite print. You can find both separates and matching pieces. Happy travels!
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