Bébé Voyage Pen Pal Program


Going stir-crazy with your kids locked up in your apartment or house for who knows how long?
Get your child a pen pal!
For the nominal fee of $15, we will set you up with your Pen Pal, vetted by Bébé Voyage’s community managers.



Connect your kids to other kids around the world


Our dedicated team of some 20 volunteers has been working non-stop to develop our Pen Pals program with exciting features and projects bringing together kids from all over the world. This is part of Bébé Voyage’s mission which is all about connecting the world so that our kids will become a tolerant generation advocating for peace across borders. Given the CO-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns all over the globe, we are starting our Pen Pals adventure NOW when the need to keep our kids actively engaged has never been so high. We expect to bring you the fully developed Pen Pal program soon. (Please see below for what’s in store further down the road).

Our Pen Pals soft launch will pair your child with another of the same age in a different geographic location. Our BBV team will introduce you to each other via email. You can then get your children to draw pictures or write letters and send them to each other virtually. As we progress, we may introduce correspondence by mail and other features requested by you,  our members. 

At  this  initial phase, we are only charging a nominal fee of $15 to participate in the Pen Pals  soft launch experience which will help us cover our basic administrative expenses. This fee will be applicable to the full membership price when the fully developed Pen Pals program is officially launched.

As soon as we receive payment, we’ll send an email introducing you to your pen pal!

Looking Forward–Pen Pals Will Bring Exciting Features for Your Kids (we will endeavor to roll out these ideas as and when they are ready, but just to give you an idea of what we are working on!):

  • A rewards program where kids get stamps on a virtual passport for every message sent.
  • A once-a-month craft that kids can build and share with each other (e.g., see how kids around the world “make a mask” where they can do the activity and share with their own pals to compare.)
  • Photo scavenger hunts to see each other’s towns (e.g., show us your favorite playground, museum,or other highlight.) 
  • Monthly featured Pen Pals to correspond with ambassadors. 
  • Monthly newsletter with topics to discuss, photos of Pen Pals who’ve actually met, and some language learning.
  • Virtual Subscription Box for Kids–once a month your child will receive through your email address a new Destination email. This will be a different country or area of the world each month. This will include anything from downloadable and printable puzzles, popular children’s songs from that country, kid-friendly recipes for them to learn what other kids around the world eat (can anyone say Dutch fairy bread?) and fun facts and pictures! 

Please join us for our Pen Pals soft launch and get your kids connected and engaged NOW.  This is a  challenging time for everyone. We are doing our utmost to be of service to our beloved community.