Why buy when you can rent baby gear?

Rent baby gear

It is much easier to rent baby gear when you travel than to schlep it all yourself. That is why we have teamed up with goBaby, an app which allows you to rent baby gear from other families and local businesses around the world. Just enter what, where and when you need to rent and you will get a list of available gear. Then, make your choice based on peer-reviews, location, style, or price!

Family travel has never been easier or more convenient. One stop shopping allows you to arrange to rent baby gear in any location. GoBaby does away with the guess work. City breaks,  multi-stop itineraries and large families can all be accommodated.

With GoBaby there is no need to pack baby gear for your one beach day on a 7 day itinerary, just rent what you need, when you need it.

You can even use GoBaby to try out that travel gear you’ve been eyeing for purchase. Give it a try on your next trip by renting before you buy.

And if you want to earn some money on whatever baby gear you aren’t currently using, you can go ahead and create your own listing in just a few minutes.

By using the promo code BebeVoyage, you will get a $25 credit with GoBaby. Go baby!

Find out more about the story behind GoBaby and why founder Natalie Kaminski decided to create an app to make it easier to rent baby gear while traveling. Our interview takes you behind the scenes and gives you insight into how a fellow traveling parent encountered a problem and decided to do something to solve it. GoBaby!

Note that Bébé Voyage has a revenue sharing agreement with goBaby, so if you rent baby gear through the app, we may get a bit of cash. Thanks! 


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