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Bébé Voyage is teaming up with our charity partner Health Poverty Action on their “It Takes A Village” campaign to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. No matter where they are, parents share many of the same hopes, dreams, anxieties and frustrations. We are bringing together parents from around the world. Our united goal is to create a community who can learn from, share with, and support one another in making the world a better place for everyone. In our Responsible Travel with Kids series, we bring to you information on social, economic, environmental issues and more which are of interest to traveling families.

Responsible Travel with Kids: Instilling Social Consciousness and Green Values in Toddlers and Babies

While Bébé Voyage has already established itself as a leading resource for connecting parents from around the world through their shared love of travel, we also want to be inclusive of those who do not have the means to travel (sometimes even just a few kilometers to get basic medical care!) and be aware of the impact that our travels have on others and on the planet. Whether you are looking for ways to support maternal health in areas with limited medical access, wondering what to do about the carbon footprint you generate while traveling or trying to instill the spirit of adventure and discovery while staying local, we have you covered.

Let the experts advise you on responsible travel with kids and how to organize socially conscious trips with toddlers and babies that are eco-friendly and educational

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The charity campaign uniting parents
to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

More tips for responsible travel with kids

As traveling families, we are in a unique position to connect with others and experience first hand a range of social and environmental issues which we wouldn’t by staying at home. We also have the opportunity to experientially educate our children in being civically minded global citizens.

somali mother and child

This is why in partnership with It Takes a Village, we are supporting mothers living in some of the world’s poorest communities by improving their access to healthcare. The money raised will be used to provide training for health professionals so they can spot danger signs in pregnancy, enable emergency transport for mothers in labor and support health facilities in hard to reach areas. Not only does It Takes a Village support remote health workers, but they also address the root causes of the problem. They do this by tackling discrimination, working alongside local government to improve infrastructure, and providing traditional birth attendants with the medical skills they need.

We also want to bring you information on how to be a more environmentally aware, eco-friendly traveler. With the effects of climate change being increasingly felt around the world, it is natural to be concerned about how to limit the impact of our travel habits. Whether you’re looking to offset your carbon footprint, engage in slow travel, find a green stroller or figure out how to be tourist in your own city, we’ve got you covered!

With core values of Curiosity, Authenticity, Fun, Community, Peace, Bébé Voyage strives to make them accessible not only to our core audience of families traveling with young children, but also to the larger human family. If you’ve got more tips for responsible travel with kids that is socially conscious, eco-friendly and educational, we’d love to hear from you!

traveling mom and sleeping baby
Eliza Chung and her baby while on holiday. Picture by Johnny Chung

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