Swaddelini // Review

 Swaddelini // Review

by Eamon Morris

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Swaddelini 2

Author: Katie Cariello

Bébé Voyage Rating: 8/10

I have been blessed with two beautiful little girls who have absolutely vehemently refused to be placed down for a nap. It took until my older one was about 7 months old to nap during the day anywhere that was not my arms or in the stroller while I did lap after lap around the block. My 3 month old immediately followed her lead, so I am willing to try anything that might let me use the restroom or eat a sandwich while I am home all day with my girls. With my first, I spent crazy amounts of money on Amazon at 3 in the morning as I buy anything message mom boards believe in or anything Facebook ads have served up to me. I avoided that trap with my second-born, but I was more than ready to pray for a miracle from the Swaddelini.

What bébé loved (or not)

My bébé seemed to take to the Swaddelini pretty quickly. She put up barely a fight at all when I put it on and seemed to snuggle into it pretty quickly.

What mommy loved (or not) 

I loved how soft the fabric is. It’s something I would like to cuddle up in myself. My bébé also hates having her arms tucked in as a general rule, so I appreciated that it could be used effectively with or without the arm swaddles.


Is the product easy to use/convenient?

Very easy to use! Slipped right on over my little one’s pajamas. I hate swaddles that take forever to get on, as my girl has a temper and gets riled up and wakes herself up if something takes too long. This product was quick and painless, and would be easy for a quick diaper change as well.

Does the product resolve a current pain point and if so how well?

As noted, my girl finds the only comfortable spot for a nap to be in my arms or in a carrier (and don’t you dare try to sit down while wearing that carrier!) The Swaddelini gave me a handful of 30 minute naps in the crib. Might not sound like a lot to moms of good nappers, but for me, this was an incredible success.


How safe is the product?

The Swaddelini seems to be just as safe as any other swaddle product on the market. The fabric is so light that I would be concerned about using it for too long – second the babe seems like she might be close to turning over, I don’t think this would hold her down.

Do you like the way the product is designed?

Very much so! This product fit like a glove without feeling too tight or constricting. Fabric is also super pretty.


Value for money 

The Swaddelini is ever so slightly more than what I have historically paid for a swaddle. Anything that helps my little one sleep is worth it to me, but it is a decent investment if you are not sure it will work and only comfortable using it very early in the baby’s life. That said, I find it to be worth the price, but not if you have something else that works just as well.


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Author: Melissa Griffin


Bébé Voyage Rating: 6/10

I think the Swaddelini packaging is great. The fabric is really high quality and love the color options. The concept seems foolproof but my baby only fussed when I put it on! Tried three separate nights without luck. When I switched her to our normal swaddle (Halo sleep sack) she calmed down.

What bébé loved (or not)

It was easy to get baby into the swaddle, but after a few moments she’d start fussing. Tried nursing, pacifier, bouncing, different positions. Seemed to be they swaddle.


What mommy loved (or not)

Very nice fabric, loved the design and colors.


Is the product easy to use/convenient?

Yes, easy to put on with simple instructions


Does the product resolve a current pain point and if so how well?

No; my daughter didn’t like it on three separate occasions. She became fussy when she wasn’t before swaddle was on.


How safe is the product?

Can’t comment on this; she didn’t sleep overnight in it.


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Do you like the way the product is designed?

Yes – The Swaddelini seems like it SHOULD work well!


Value for money 

Poor. I was guessing it cost $30-35 dollars. Looked on their website and I honestly wouldn’t buy it for $60.

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