Exploring the Treasures of County Kerry With Your Toddler

Toddlin’ Through County Kerry If you’re contemplating traveling with your toddler for the first time, Ireland is one of the most baby-friendly destinations to choose from. We took our [...]


Why Japan Is One of the Most Unique Destinations With A Toddler

Bebe Voyage recently had the pleasure of hearing from travelers Gyongyi and Jurgen; Hungarian and Dutch parents living in Amsterdam. They chose to take a sabbatical after their daughter Mirin was [...]


The A to Z of Family Travel Hacking

We have all heard about the families who travel around the world and claim that their entire 2 week trip to Asia has cost them less than your weekly grocery shopping run. And you, like me, [...]


A Year Of Travel With Baby // Lessons Learned

One and a half years ago, when our daughter Lily was just about to turn one, my husband Brandon and I decided to do somethinga little crazy. We would take a year away from everything and travel [...]


Hidden Gems: Museum in Northwestern Europe

This week’s hidden gem is an Archaeology Museum displaying historical finds of a lovely country in northwestern Europe. Bébé Voyage’s hidden gem series is designed to show you local hidden [...]


Hidden Gems: Family-Friendly Park in Eastern Asia

This week’s hidden gem is a beautiful park with hidden statues, fish ponds, and lots of secret paths for the kids to explore. Discovered by family travel writer Wisterian Watertree, this [...]


Hidden Gems: Family-Friendly Bungalow Accommodations

This weeks hidden gem is a property made up of rustic bungalows with walkway bridges over the water. It’s the perfect accommodation for exploring the local villages with your kids and [...]


Day in the Life of a Family of 5 in Tokyo Japan

We are the Watertrees, and we live in Tokyo. By many counts, it is the biggest city in the world, but where we are it feels like living in a small town. It is an amazing city to live in, clean to [...]


Adventures of a globetrotting mom and daughter

Hands up if you have day dreamed about leaving your 9-to-5 lifestyle behind and hitting the road! Reading through the questions on the BebeVoyage group, we know that many of you dream about an [...]


How to be a Tourist in Your Own City

This post contains affiliate links.  Some weeks ago, an old friend of mine came to visit me, I asked him if there was anything in particular he wanted to see in The Hague, the place I currently [...]

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