Breast Milk on the Go, Baby Carriers, Car Seats Are Some of the Latest Solutions for Traveling with Baby from The JPMA Show: Built for Baby


Travel Beds for Babies & Toddlers

This post contains affiliate links.  You’re hitting the road with your little one but figuring out where they are going to sleep is a problem. We hear this a lot in the Bébé Voyage [...]


Your Three Day Guide to Surviving Baby Jet Lag

Sigh, surviving baby jet lag. Before you had children, jet lag meant grogginess, a sleepless night or two and extra coffee. Jet lag after kids….can be downright torture. There’s nothing worse [...]


New Accessories for Traveling Parents

This post contains affiliate links.  With so many travel products out there it is hard to know what will work when you’re traveling with your kids. Bébé Voyage is always searching for new [...]


Sky Baby Travel Mattress // Review

Getting your baby to sleep on the go is one of the things parents worry about most. If you are flying with a lap-infant and not lucky enough to take advantage of a bassinet or an extra seat the [...]


Greentom Stroller Review

I travel with my kids to show them the beauty of the world, something that unifies the Bébé Voyage community. The last few months I’ve been testing out a stroller that combines my desire to [...]


Flying Beds for Kids

** We are continuously updating this post to reflect reports of airlines that are not allowing these devices** Updated: August 28, 2018** The most popular topic on the Bébé Voyage boards is about [...]


Best Stroller For Air Travel

What makes the perfect travel stroller? The discussion over the perfect travel stroller is perhaps the most common discussion amongst the members of the Bebe Voyage Facebook group. (To all my [...]


10 Life-Saving Tips on Traveling with Two Under Two, Alone!

Traveling alone with two children under the age of two is not an ideal situation for any parent, as it is already a task itself traveling with one child. Some parents around the world must fly [...]


Part 1: Vietnam–How to Prepare for Travel to Vietnam with a Toddler

We traveled from London to Vietnam with our 20-month old this last month. I’ve referred to our daughter as X in this article as that’s the first letter of her name (also!). Vietnam can seem like [...]

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